ITT 2017 - Etienne Studer - Product success as a function of build automation

ITT 2017 - Etienne Studer - Product success as a function of build automation

Building, testing, assembling, and releasing software has become a very demanding and complex process over the past years. Multiple components built in multiple languages, distributed teams in different timezones working on different parts of the system, several stages of quality insurance, various software distribution channels, and so on. At the same time, the pressure to release new versions of the software has also tremendously increased and fast high-quality deliveries have become essential for the survival and success of many products.

A suitable platform to build and release your software needs to handle the high complexity of today’s build requirements while at the same time still scaling in terms of performance. Gradle is the most powerful player amongst the build platforms and is chosen by companies like LinkedIn, Netflix, and others that rely strategically on continuous and fast delivery of their software.

In this presentation, Etienne Studer explains how Gradle allows you to elegantly model your build requirements, how Gradle manages to scale its performance to very large builds, and how you can get deep insights into the behavior of your Gradle builds. Demos will be given on features like the Daemon, Composite Builds, Incremental Builds, Compile Avoidance, Build Cache, Build Scans, and other features that maybe sound a bit obscure to you right now but whose concepts and application you will soon understand and appreciate.


Istanbul Tech Talks

April 03, 2017