Die Glaubensmaschine

C9105ed9263a733c6076f837abd645ed?s=47 Nikkel Blaase
November 09, 2012

Die Glaubensmaschine

‘Die Glaubensmaschine‘ (The Faith Machine) visualises a transfer of rituals and beliefs by means of a technical paraliturgy. Based upon von Weizsäcker’s thesis that the belief in modern sciences is the predominant religion of our times, contemporary rituals of our everyday’s technical life are reshaped similar to those of the roman-catholic church. Three machines embody these technical-religious fetishes. They offer the three most important holy sacraments for electronic devices analogously to those offered by the church, in shape of a baptism-, indulgence-, and prayer machine.


Nikkel Blaase

November 09, 2012