Open Access: Latin America shows us how

Open Access: Latin America shows us how

Presentation given at the Open Science Summit in Mountain View, October 19-20, 2012

Summary of open access in Latin America, and what it can teach the rest of the world.

Video of the presentation, starting at minute 24, on

Summit program:


Juan Pablo Alperin

October 19, 2012


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    green road two national mandates (one in progress) 11 institutional

    mandates 15 countries signed on to project to support repositories
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    what OA means to LA vs US visibility mark of

    quality discourse: for research and for public cost quality questioned discourse: for the publi and to be efficient
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    a way up mall and young institutions ave equal opportunity

    to rise rengthens higher education nd research culture
  7. 12.

    flow of knowledge system works better when ere are no

    impediments ampens effect of hierarchy institutions
  8. 13.

    shift in conversation ot just about giving access lhave-notsz is

    a also way to increase rengthen research culture
  9. 14.

    scholarship s networked o matter what you have ccess to...

    you are linked to eople who have less ccess
  10. 15.

    n LA`s all- OA system ... creased output creased co-authorships

    creased citations currently looking for ways measuring quality, impact
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