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Using the Jamf APIs to Create an iOS App

October 25, 2018

Using the Jamf APIs to Create an iOS App

Presentation from JNUC 2018, the world's largest rally of Apple IT administrators.

Using the Jamf APIs to Create an iOS App

Presented by:
Randy Saeks, Glencoe School District 35
Weldon Dodd, Rewind Technology LLC

View all session slides, recordings and more at https://www.jamf.com/events/jamf-nation-user-conference/2018/.


October 25, 2018

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  1. © JAMF Software, LLC Weldon Dodd Owner Rewind Tech Randy

    Saeks Network Manager Glencoe School District 35
  2. © JAMF Software, LLC Using the Jamf APIs to Create

    an iOS App Presentation agenda: • What is the need? • Why native? • Decoding the code • Demo • Q&A
  3. © JAMF Software, LLC Scoping Apps to a Class Not

    possible in the Jamf Pro web GUI Possible with the API School staff need a simple tool
  4. © JAMF Software, LLC •Troubleshoot student iPads drove need •“Clicky”

    workflow •Limited staff with Jamf Pro access •Simpler workflow (tap) •Increased access to frequent tasks
  5. © JAMF Software, LLC Getting Started • Explore Universal /

    Classic API • Bash • Python • Swift Playgrounds • Paw • XCode
  6. © JAMF Software, LLC • Explore APIs • Classic API

    - https://YourJAMFProURL/api • Universal API - https://YourJAMFProURL/uapi • CLI Methods • Bash • Python
  7. © JAMF Software, LLC Why Native? • User Experience •

    App Distribution • Credential Security
  8. © JAMF Software, LLC First Steps Build Connection Fetch Data

    Process & Present Data (Optional) Send Data & Actions
  9. © JAMF Software, LLC Build Connection • Constructing URL •

    GET Method • Authentication • Response is JSON • Process code if successful