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Edison™ Accelerator

Edison™ Accelerator

The Edison™ Accelerator brings together start-ups, healthcare providers, leading technology providers, developers, and academic institutions under a single, connected ecosystem to create real impact from the bottom line to better patient outcomes.



May 12, 2022

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  1. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com

  2. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com Mission GE Healthcare is a leading innovator enabling

    precision health by integrating clinical care and data across the patient journey via innovative products, digital tools and solutions that simplify decision-making, accelerate care delivery, and improve patient outcomes. We are accelerating the fourth industrial revolution of healthcare, but we can't do it alone. We strongly believe in the power of an integrated digital ecosystem leveraging new and legacy technologies with open innovation to enable healthcare resilience and organisational growth. Launched in 2021, the Edison™ Accelerator is a start-up acceleration & healthcare provider collaboration program in EMEA, designed by GE Healthcare in partnership with Wayra UK, Telefónica's Open Innovation Hub. Our mission is to build an ecosystem of healthcare providers, industry players and healthcare start-ups to develop, integrate and commercialize digital solutions to drive the digital transformation of healthcare. The first edition of the program was successfully completed in November 2021, with the second launching May 2022.
  3. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com Rob Walton President & CEO EMEA GE Healthcare

    Rekha Ranganathan Acting Chief Digital Officer GE Healthcare There is no way that one player can adequately address healthcare’s complex problems on its own. Innovation needs to be far more dynamic, nimble, and collaborative than in the past. The future of innovation will be about working across silos and collaborating across the healthcare ecosystem, including start-ups, corporates, research centers, hospitals, clinicians and patients. The opportunities for healthcare organizations with a truly intelligent connected digital enterprise are significant, but no one organization can get there alone. Edison Accelerator is bringing together leading technology providers, developers, and academic institutions under a single, connected ecosystem to create real impact from the bottom line to better patient outcomes. A collaborative ecosystem
  4. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com Foster adoption of digital technologies, by providing solutions

    for the right use cases Support innovative start- ups and technologies in market access Grow innovation ecosystem with ISV’s & healthcare providers High potential to generate short-term impact Objectives
  5. Partnership model Start-ups Healthcare Provider Institutions • Provide access to

    Edison TM Digital Health Platform • Technical & business mentorship • Access to potential customers • Close-to-market-ready start-ups to develop solutions for the given use cases in collaboration with healthcare providers and GE Healthcare • Participate in final use case & start-up selection • Clinical mentorship • Implement projects/ pilots/ validations with the start-ups selected • Start-up scouting, pre-selection & onboarding • Day-to-day program management • Business mentorship • Marketing & events • Start-up suggestion • Technology, components & infrastructure • Mentorship • Education • Awareness creation • Start-up scouting support
  6. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com Healthcare provider partners Healthcare Provider Institutions with strong

    focus on digital & strong bias for action, i.e. adoption of new technologies Validation Partners Consulting Partners • Involved in final use case selection • Participate in the start-up selection • Provide Mentorship to start-ups • Active role at the demo day • GE Healthcare implements a technology stack on validation partner site for development • Provides data for development • Implement projects/ pilots/ validations with the start-ups selected
  7. www.edison-accelerator.com

  8. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com 2021 Program in numbers 350+ 15 6+1 ---------------------------------------------------

    Applications to the program -------------------------------------------------- Start-ups shortlisted --------------------------------------------------- Start-ups selected 6 5 4 --------------------------------------------------- Start-ups onboarded -------------------------------------------------- Start-ups finished the program --------------------------------------------------- Start-ups started commercial onboarding with GE Healthcare
  9. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com 2021 Program shortlist

  10. How to orchestrate Imaging AI to achieve broader adoption due

    to seamless integration, more efficiency and productivity? How do we use AI and digital technologies together to improve • access to diagnostic services • referral quality • patient prioritisation and • automation of operational processes i.e. scheduling in cancer diagnostic pathways? How can conversational AI platforms, NLP technology and digital PROMS/ PREMS tools help to analyse and visualise patient data to inform clinical decision making, treatment options and service operations. 2021 Program: tracks & use cases Accelerating Imaging AI adoption at scale Eliminating waste in the oncology care pathway with AI & Digital Technologies Democratizing cancer care: Putting the healthcare consumer front & central
  11. 2021 Program: tracks & use cases (Cambridge, UK): Lucida uses

    ML and radiogenomics to help identify cancer from MRI and clinical data. Lucida Medical aims to make cancer screening accurate, accessible, cost- effective and quick. (Copenhagen, Denmark): Radiobotics are automating measurements and detections in x- rays to streamline the reading of features in musculoskeletal x-rays. (London, UK): SPRYT is a smart scheduling solution that improves uptake/coverage rates for screening services as well as reducing the appointment no-show problem. No show rates are a significant problem in diagnostic cancer services. (London, UK): My Clinical Outcomes integrates remote, longitudinal Patient-Reported Outcome Measures into routine clinical practice to enable smarter individual decisions, and better overall value care pathways. (Bilbao, Spain): Legit Health is a clinical data and communication tool that helps next-generation dermatologists improve diagnosis, score severity and monitor the evolution of wounds, and chronic and malignant skin lesions. This AI- powered technology helps clinicians & patients alike to improve diagnosis. (London, UK): Vinehealth combines behavioural science and AI to provide highly personalised patient support that improves the quality of life and survival of cancer patients. Accelerating Imaging AI adoption at scale Eliminating waste in the oncology care pathway with AI & Digital Technologies Democratizing cancer care: Putting the healthcare consumer front & central
  12. 2021 Program: healthcare provider partners Accelerating Imaging AI adoption at

    scale Eliminating waste in the oncology care pathway with AI & Digital Technologies Democratizing cancer care: Putting the healthcare consumer front & central
  13. “Collaboration and co-development are key for delivering digital transformation and

    getting the data-driven technologies that we need into healthcare. The value for us as a healthcare provider for participating in the Edison Accelerator is that it allowed us to work with subject matter experts on a real-world problem that helps us and leverages the commercial, strategic and technical minds of GE Healthcare’s Edison platform. We benefit from the expertise, we built our own expertise, we built our collaborative network, that we may otherwise not have been part of.” Katherine Boylan, Head of Innovation
  14. “Current cancer diagnostic pathways remain laborious, lengthy and sometimes a

    multi-faceted process with many potential bottlenecks despite recent innovations. With increasing post Covid-19 pressures, any such bottlenecks could delay diagnostic investigations and hence adversely affect patient outcomes. Alliance’s focus on service excellence and innovative imaging technologies allows us to create value for patients, clinicians, service providers and other stakeholders while improving patient experiences, clinical outcomes and yet still driving efficiencies to reduce costs. Thus, we are delighted to partner with GE Healthcare thru the Edison Accelerator programme as a validation partner to help deliver a healthier world with more precise and efficient care.” Dr Peter Strouhal, Medical Director UK
  15. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com “We believe that collaboration between corporations and start-ups

    is essential to boost innovation in healthcare. Through the Edison Accelerator, we can share needs and experiences with other European stakeholders and create an ecosystem of cooperation and joint development.” Tania Menéndez Hevia, Digital Transformation Officer
  16. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com “MFT appreciate the opportunity to work with GE

    Healthcare and partners to gain insights into AI solutions, the visibility of solutions presented by GE and Wayra in the competition stage was enlightening. An ambitious timescale means that impetus should be maintained, we look forward to helping with both the development and evaluation of pilot solutions and the subsequent opportunities to research and evaluate these technologies. The sprint model of weekly catch up’s has worked well. The main challenge has been around securing clinical engagement due to busy schedules and other priorities but this is not unique to the Edison Accelerator.” Adrian Warner, Commercial Development Manager, Research and Innovation Division
  17. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com 2021 Program: Edison Accelerator Explained A 5-part animated

    video series focusing on the Edison Accelerator, selected founders, challenges, successes, and journey through the 6-month program. Episode #1 https://youtu.be/G5L08VUSbE0 Episode #2 https://youtu.be/5Igdwpjmy0I Episode #4 https://youtu.be/_jIIzPkbQMs Episode #3 https://youtu.be/RsQizSyzCus Episode #5 https://youtu.be/SyPJ2zd0d1k
  18. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com 2021 Program closure

  19. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com 2021 Program: Start-ups pitching at GIANT Health

  20. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com 2021 Program: GE press releases & articles GE

    Healthcare Article https://www.gehealthcare.co.uk/article/new-start-up-accelerator- programme-launched-in-emea-to-boost-the-deployment-of-ai- applications-for-healthcare 2020-12-17 Press Release https://www.ge.com/news/press-releases/ge-healthcare-wayra-uk- to-support-startups-to-develop-ai-applications-for-healthcare 2021-06-24 Press Release https://www.ge.com/news/press-releases/ge-healthcare-and-wayra- select-five-ai-led-healthtech-start-ups-for-first-edisontm GE Healthcare Article https://www.gehealthcare.co.uk/article/one-year-of- edison%E2%84%A2-accelerator
  21. Value proposition for healthcare providers Work with subject matter experts

    on a real-world problem Explore how to accelerate the adoption and integration of AI products into existing workflows Boost innovation in healthcare Join an ecosystem of cooperation & cocreation Share needs and experiences with other domain experts Benefit from the expertise, build your own expertise & grow your collaborative network Leverage the commercial, strategic & technical minds of GE Healthcare Access to new brains in emergent technology A value-adding problem-back app development process which alerts you to the potential of technology to support Participation in agile software development No cost other than time; no risk A potentially differentiating digital solution with clear benefits to (a) patients (b) clinicians and care givers (c) managers (d) financials (e) brand
  22. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com Value proposition for start-ups Validated problem statements of

    importance to healthcare providers Access to the Edison platform & services Access to data through healthcare providers Mentorship & networking Joint pilots between start-up & validation partners Rapid turnaround time Support in customer discovery & product validation Access to our global commercial force, channel partners & customers in various markets Support in adapting, integrating & launching the solution on GE Healthcare’s Edison marketplace Mentoring for trials & regulatory clearance preparation in target geography
  23. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com Value proposition for technology partners Customer pipeline: Partnering

    with high- growth accounts and HCPs Expose your tech stack to innovators … new perspectives Supercharge pilots between start-up and validation partners through your products Understand needs of customer segment … how do these companies integrate and launch solutions through your tech stack Immersion into a collaborative ecosystem of cooperation & cocreation … leverage our network Boost innovation in healthcare through validated problem statements Identify new areas where your products can add value
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  25. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com High level process Define high-level use case domains

    Define specific problem statements Scout for start-up participants Design program and sub-tracks Identify healthcare provider partners Deliver program: Technical & Commercial workstreams & Venture support
  26. How do we use AI and digital technologies to manage

    workload and support our healthcare staff to create the workforce of the future? • Reduce the number of manual hand-offs / interventions • Reduce information overload and silo’d data input • Predict surges in demand to enable better capacity planning • Manage clinical risk and enable right person, right time, right place approaches • Ensure effective remote patient monitoring whilst managing risk and being alerted to deterioration • Enable intelligent hybrid and virtual models of care • Enable right first time intelligent staff location rostering and shift fill/ allocation • Enable better work/ life balance with digital collaboration and communication tools • Prediction and prevention of fatigue impact on both clinical and operational staff • How, post-COVID, can we promote healthcare workforce wellbeing? 2022 Program: tracks & use cases Creating the Workforce of the future together Enabling AI adoption and orchestration across care areas AI adoption through clinical research How do we deploy vendor neutral AI apps into clinical workflows to enable intelligent care area management? Focus on Cardiology. • Drive data driven decision making at the point of care • Reduce cognitive load on front line staff • Ensure effective drug compliance post IP discharge • Enable effective drug titration in the community post MI • Automated Coronary calcification scoring • Aortic dissection alerting • Coronary CTA - detect and classify stenosis blockage from CT angiography • AI for Coronary CT How can we accelerate app adoption and drive effective validation of AI in real world settings? Improving clinical dissemination. • Explainable AI • AI governance, audit, clinical risk • Data assessment & management • Advanced data visualization • Annotation, curation, normalization • Deidentification tools • MLOps • Model assessment tools; performance, accuracy, post market surveillance, data drift
  27. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com Contractual Technical 2022 Program timeline Feb 2022 Mar

    2022 Apr 2022 May 2022 Jun 2022 Jul 2022 Aug 2022 Sep 2022 Oct 2022 Nov 2022 Dec 2022 Jan 2023 Feb 2023 Define High-level Themes Compile problem statements Healthcare provider partner selection Scouting Onboarding Welcome week Program Delivery Commercial Onboarding Key dates 1. Agree final Problem Statements: 30th April 2. Open Acceleration Call: 9th May 3. Scouting Webinars: 12th May, 2nd June 4. Launch Event: 23rd May, London 5. Close Acceleration Call: 10th June 6. Assessment Day: 21st June 7. Welcome Week: 1st – 5th August 8. Demo Day: TBD 9. Expected Commercial Availability: 1st April 2023
  28. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com 2022 Program delivery plan Welcome Week Discovery Alpha

    ( Core Development) Beta (Adjustments) Demo Day Duration 1 week 4 weeks 16 weeks 4 weeks 1 day Dates Input • Selected participants • Opportunity definition • Platform onboarding • Introduction to stakeholders • Program structure & Gate process • Mentorship curriculum • Opportunity definition • Team setup • Sandbox readiness • Outcome of the Discovery Phase • Outcome of the Alpha phase • Track demo • Selection Vaue/ Criteria Output • Track onboarding • Track operation rhytm • Opportunity definition • Team Composition • Problem Statement • High level delivery plan • High level design - Epic definition • Risks • Dependencies • Action Plan • Requirements • Progress report • Value Proposition • Personas • MVP • Value validation • Demo Day Readiness • Rollout Plan • Post program engagement options • Summary report • Next Steps G0 G1 G2 G3 G4 G0: Start-Up Selection G1: Plan Acceptance and Resource Allocation G2: Go/ No Go for Beta G3: Go/ No Go for Demo Day G4: Post Program engagement/ Future Cooperation
  29. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com Jan Beger Program Owner Amied Shadmaan Track 3

    Leader Jonas Fieldhouse Track 1 Leader Enrico Neri Track 2 Leader Ilham Gharbi Commercial Onboarding Thomas Bastien Program Management Wayra Delphine Benoit Communications Simon Rost Marketing Nritya Ganesh Accelerator Ecosystem Isabella Ghassemi-Smith Marketing & Comms Wayra Manali Patnaik Developer Ecosystem Dan Sweeney Partnerships & Alliances Core team Lesleyann Smart Clinical & Business Development Paloma Fuentes Marketing Dorottya Szenti Program Coordination Isabel Ng Growth Marketing Wayra Hester Ho Community & Comms Wayra Sandra Gruebl Contracting & Partnership Agreements
  30. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com Advisory board We believe in strong governance and

    accountability – the Board’s role is to advise and oversee the program, and to ensure we are operating effectively as an organization and delivering on our purpose. Manuel Bosch Arcos Chief Information Officer Centene Europe Nana Bit-Avragim, MD/PhD Physician-scientist, digital health builder and strategist with a focus on radical innovation Prof. Dr. med. Mathias Goyen Chief Medical Officer EMEA GE Healthcare Paritosh Dhawale, PhD General Manager Edison Enterprise GE Healthcare Katherine Boylan, PhD Head of Innovation Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Prof. Dr. med. Felix Nensa Lead AI Projects University Hospital Essen Dr Peter Strouhal Medical Director UK Alliance Medical
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  32. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com Human factors seen as key to innovation success

    Q: What are the most important factors that impact successful innovation at your organization? Source: PwC’s Innovation Benchmark Base: 1,222 Innovative behaviors and culture Fresh thinking Strong C-suite leaderhip Clear business model Increasing innovation budget 32% 47% 52% 63% 65%
  33. Our vision of the digital powered future of healthcare www.edison-accelerator.com

  34. #EdisonAccelerator www.edison-accelerator.com We see 500 start-ups a year … join

    us! • Every Thursday, 6pm GMT • 1 hour, 3 start-ups • No video, no slides, just voice • 5 min start-up pitch • 10 min Q&A
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