CartoDB: How Working With Geospatial Data Can Be A Joy and Not A Pain

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April 03, 2012

CartoDB: How Working With Geospatial Data Can Be A Joy and Not A Pain

CartoDB is a new Open Source Geospatial Database in the cloud. It leverages the full power of PostGIS and Mapnik to effortlessly stand up the services needed to create maps and develop location aware applications. It has been built with a love for design and interaction so that playing with geospatial data is a joy and not a pain.

The software has been developed by Vizzuality, a data visualization company focus on geospatial analysis and visualization. CartoDB is offered as a free service, on dedicated cloud instances or as an elastic service enabling users to process large amounts of data and only pay for what they use.

Importing geospatial data is as simple as dragging files into it, editing the data is just the way it is supposed to be, the maps are fast and responsive, it just works! Plus set the tables to real time and you will be able to have real time visualizations on your data changes.

Participants on this workshop will learn how to do beautiful and speedy maps using CartoDB. We’ll start with a file of 600,000 “stop and frisks” carried out by the NYPD, and make sense of the data using CartoDB’s analysis and mapping tools, including thematic mapping by block.



April 03, 2012