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LIA: Location. Information. Action.

LIA: Location. Information. Action.

This is the first project that I did so enthusiastically with my classmates because HTML and JavaScript is a thing that I dominate.

Jay Agonoy

March 18, 2014

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  1. The Problem Apparently, there are lots of ordinances that are

    being violated without people knowing it. This ranges from security to environmental ordinances.
  2. Our Solution Make them know the ordinances in the the

    most relevant and easiest way possible.
  3. Meet LIA LIA stands for Location, Information, Action. Once they

    get to see their neighborhood on the map, information about the ordinance comes in. Thus, they take action.
  4. LIA is... • Relevant: Each ordinance is placed in a

    location where most violations happen, thus it becomes relevant to each user. • Accessible: You can access LIA from either your desktop or through your tablet device.
  5. LIA is... • HTML5-Compatible: LIA is using UIKit , one

    of the latest HTML5 Frameworks available; and LeafletJS , a modern open-source JavaScript library for mobile- friendly interactive maps. This means that LIA can be viewed using modern browsers available on the market. • Fork-able: LIA is under the MIT License , which means you can make your own LIA for your specified neighborhood. We have a simple development guide which will help you to do so.
  6. LIA has... • Latest Ordinances section – We'll list down

    the latest set of ordinances that we gathered with our tabulators and turn them into visual data. • Mapping – As we aim to be relevant to each community, our map displays an ordinance where most of the violations happen.
  7. Who are we? We're a team of students from Cainta

    who aims to help to prosper the startup culture in our humble municipality.