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Sharing Beyond Your Blog

060f64875a37f6fb6639500a06ae9f8c?s=47 Jay Agonoy
September 02, 2017

Sharing Beyond Your Blog

Presented at iBlog 13 held last Saturday, September 2, 2017 at the Malcolm Theater, UP College of Law, Diliman, Quezon City.


Jay Agonoy

September 02, 2017

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  1. Sharing Beyond Your Blog Jay Agonoy @jayagonoy

  2. The person in Question  New in the blogging industry

     Wants to have his/her blog gain traction  Doesn’t want to participate in affiliate marketing yet
  3. How to Share Your Content Beyond Your Blog

  4. Let’s analyze  What is our blog’s scope/niche?  What

    are our audience’s demographics?  Where do people go to check out info?  How do they consume info?  How do they respond?  Are there any platforms related to the niche we are talking about?
  5. Mindmap Your Blog Topic 1 Audience 1 Topic 2 Audience

    2 Topic 3 Audience 3
  6. Ways to Know  Conduct a Readers’ Survey  Research

    your own data
  7. Demographics 33% 64% Sample Audience Gender in % Male Female

    50% 30% 20% Sample Audience Age in % 18-21 22-25 26-30 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Male Female Sample Audience Demographics in % Text Video Audio
  8. Reactions  Blog Comments  Comments Section on Facebook and/or

    Reddit Tweets on Twitter For starters, you need to have someone react to your content, or else you will not know if they are actually getting your attention

     People love to watch videos  People love to record/make their own videos  Short attention spans PODCASTS (ON-DEMAND RADIO) Ideal for listening while in commute
  10. Food Fashion Tech Politics

  11. Conclusion  Data and Analytics are important  You will

    need time and patience  Think of your readers, especially if you are extending your content to them.  Be responsible and vigilant.
  12. Thank You! Jay Agonoy +63 919 366 9536 hello@jayagonoy.xyz @jayagonoy

    on Twitter