Summer 2013 Anime Statistics

060f64875a37f6fb6639500a06ae9f8c?s=47 Jay Agonoy
June 26, 2013

Summer 2013 Anime Statistics

It has been a year since the first #AniStats has appeared on Speaker Deck, and to celebrate, here's another one - and this will answer questions such as:

* Whose voice actor / actress has the most number of roles this season?
* Whose director / scriptwriter has a heavy load of work this season?
* What network in Japan broadcasts the most number of series this season?
* Will most anime be available on Japanese internet?

This stuff serves as a reference for researchers as well.

I'm ready to share to you the data I've worked on by request - just send me a tweet over @assortex on Twitter, or use the hashtag #AniStats.

Update (1:17PM PHT Jun 29): Info on Shin Oonuma and the Sources changed. Thanks violaxcore and Docoda on Reddit's /r/anime.

Update (1:49PM PHT Jun 29): Docoda on Reddit's /r/anime states that Short Anime series are less than 10 minutes per episode.


Jay Agonoy

June 26, 2013