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Cachet & Building for yourself

Cachet & Building for yourself

My slides on Cachet (the open source status page system) and why you should build products and services for yourself.

James Brooks

March 19, 2015

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  1. Cachet & Building for yourself

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  3. What is Cachet? • A beautiful, open source status page

    system. • Written in PHP using the Laravel 4.2 framework.
  4. What is a "status page"?

  5. LOL! Not this.

  6. • A place to communicate infrastructure downtime. • Provides great

    customer support. • Creates transparency with your customers.
  7. There are epic alternatives: • StatusPage.io • status.io • SorryApp

    • Stashboard • Staytus
  8. For a hobby project it's $29 a month. Which, for

    a side-project that makes no money, that's expensive. * It is a great service, but it's not viable for most people.
  9. First commit • I hummed and hawed about building my

    own. • "How hard can it be?" • "I'm a developer!" • On November 16th at 22:26 I started building Cachet and at 23:59, I finished for the day.
  10. Yes, "hawed" http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hum_and_haw Lord Haw-Haw

  11. 39 contributors and 1377 commits later...

  12. None
  13. What are our features? • We're open source. • Easily

    deployable to Heroku with the Heroku Button. • Packaged with a Dockerfile. • Multilingual and can be translated inline. • Scheduled maintenance. • Ships with a powerful, RESTful API. • Two factor authentication.
  14. Some stats... • 20,000 visitors to the website, docs and

    blog. • We've seen up to 3,000 clones from GitHub in just one week. • 242,000 recorded events from anonymous tracking. Reporting 337 installs in the last 30 days. • 1500+ stars on GitHub.
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  16. Build for you. • Scratch that itch! • Take an

    existing idea and make it better. • Do it your way.
  17. Learn and love what you do. • I've not stopped

    learning things since making Cachet - especially how tightly MySQL holds your hand... • I'm immensely proud of what we've achieved. • I now have the opportunity to make a real product.
  18. • Rewrite in Laravel 5. • Split into packages so

    you can swap functionality. • Several status page templates. • An all new dashboard. • Better metrics system. • LDAP & SAML auth support. • Support for multiple applications. • Much, much more! What's next for Cachet?
  19. Demo time.

  20. Find us. @cachethq cachethq.io

  21. Thanks :) @jbrooksuk james-brooks.uk