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Programming is awesome...

13616b6551a3854378f9e6fea964e519?s=47 James Brooks
November 18, 2014

Programming is awesome...

Here are my slides from the talk I gave at Staffs Web Meetup, about Depression & Anxiety.


James Brooks

November 18, 2014

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  1. Depression & Anxiety

  2. – said no programmer ever... “Programming is awesome.”

  3. It's ok to feel sad. You're not alone.

  4. Who even are you? • I work for Blue Bay

    Travel • I've been programming since I was seven • Tabs evangelist • Currently working on Anorak & Cachet
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  6. None
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  8. Firstly, why does programming suck? 1. A bajillion new tools

    are created every day. 2. You spend a lot of time alone, just you and your mind. 3. Battling constant errors/problems can make you feel unworthy as a developer.
  9. What causes it? • Imposter syndrome • "Real programmer" syndrome

    • Keeping a lot of information in your head at any given time • Distractions • Feeling like you can't keep up
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  11. How do you keep up?

  12. The truth is... You don't.

  13. Ok, I lied, you do... • Our jobs are constantly

    evolving, we spend a lot of time learning. • Don't panic when new technology is released. • Keep using the tools you have, until your ready to spend time learning at your own speed.
  14. We see a lot of success stories

  15. And not a lot of failures!

  16. Not everyone makes Facebook or Snapchat.

  17. Let's get serious. • More people need to talk about

    this issue. • Geeks Mental Help week was on October 27th. @geekmentalhelp • "I don't want to talk about it" is not an excuse.
  18. Aside from that? • Take up a hobby. • Go

    running, cycling, canoeing, dog walking. • Enjoy a holiday. • Relax. • Talk to someone.
  19. Thanks :) @jbrooksuk james-brooks.uk