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PGP Encryption and Signing

PGP Encryption and Signing

Personal privacy and security are important. This talk covers what PGP encryption is and how you can use it as a developer. This deck is designed to be used as a lightning talk.

Jeff Carouth

October 29, 2014

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  1. PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. It is a trademarked

    program for encryption and decryption.
  2. OpenPGP is the standard for PGP encryption. PGP and other

    programs comply with this standard.
  3. One half of a key pair is used for encrypting

    and the corresponding other half for decryption. Asymmetric
  4. Symmetric Does not requiring sharing the whole key Can be

    used for both encryption and signing Very resource intensive Useful on only small messages
  5. Next Steps Generate a key pair if you do not

    have one or have forgotten the passphrase. ! Distribute your public key. Consider sending it to a public key server. ! Verify keys with people here. Sign and distribute these keys. ! Use your key.