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SXSW 2013 - Battle of the HTML5 Hackers

SXSW 2013 - Battle of the HTML5 Hackers

Hackers Jeff Burtoft and Jesse Cravens, co-authors of O’Reilly ‘HTML5 Hacks’, approach HTML5 and JavaScript technologies from vastly different vantage points.

Jeff works as an HTML5 Evangelist for Microsoft focusing on IE10 implementations of the new HTML5 specifications and JavaScript powered native applications. Jeff’s job consists of continuous outreach to the HTML5 community, and building wicked cool HTML5 games that push the boundaries of modern browsers.

Jesse works in a small studio in Austin, TX for the innovative agency, frog, and evangelizes the use of free and open source software. He spends his time hacking on JavaScript frameworks and evangelizing Node.js as the ideal rapid prototyping environment. His ultra hack? Outfitting his Fleetwood Pegasus Ultralite to collect data, and actuate tasks from his embedded JavaScript, microcontroller toolkit: trailr.

From canvas to web workers and file transfer to blob management, come see HTML5 demos and code samples that will have you rethinking the possibilities of browser based apps. Watch the competitiveness mount, as these two innovative Hackers try to one-up each other through demonstrations of each of their most inspired hacks.

Jesse Cravens

March 12, 2013

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  1. Form  Validation     Input  types     CSS  UI

     pseudo  classes    Jeff   Jesse     <input  type="text"  required  />    <input  type=“email"    />    .formEl:required  {          border:  2px  solid  red      }  
  2. CSS  Transforms     CSS  Back  face  Visibility    

    CSS  Transitions     Canvas        Jeff   Jesse     transform:  rotateY(  180deg  );    transition:  transform  1s;    backface-­‐visibility:  hidden;   <canvas></canvas>  
  3. Web  sockets     GeoLocation         

    Jeff   Jesse     var  connection  =  new  WebSocket('ws://app.html5hacks.org/echo',  ['soap',  'xmpp']);    var  location  =  navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(showPos);