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Voice & SMS For Your Apps - AirConf 2014

Voice & SMS For Your Apps - AirConf 2014

Talk I gave for AirConf 2014 on how to use Twilio to add voice and SMS capabilities to your web and mobile applications.

Jeff Linwood

August 06, 2014

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  1. VOICE & SMS FOR YOUR APPS Jeff Linwood, Biscotti Labs

    AirConf 2014 @jefflinwood http://www.biscottilabs.com/
  2. TODAY’S TALK Quick Intro Discussion of Twilio API Getting Started

    with Twilio Sending & Receiving SMS Sending & Receiving Voice Twilio Client
  3. JEFF LINWOOD Software Developer with Biscotti Labs Teaches Mobile App

    Development at UT-Austin as an adjunct Uses Twilio for web and mobile apps Current Projects: On Our Way App, MapRhino App
  4. THE TWILIO API Twilio provides voice and SMS APIs for

    web and mobile Send and receive SMS Make and receive voice calls VOIP for web and mobile clients
  5. GETTING STARTED WITH TWILIO Need to sign up on www.twilio.com

    Add some money to your account, or use free trial Twilio pricing (www.twilio.com/pricing)
  6. BUYING NUMBERS You can buy phone numbers through Twilio In

    the US, you can choose by area code, or get a toll-free number Toll-free numbers have higher costs (per month, and per minute)
  7. TWIML APPS Now that you have a number, how do

    you point it to your application? TwiML Apps map voice and messaging requests to a URL on the public internet You can also map voice and SMS URLs directly to a number
  8. TWILIO MARKUP LANGUAGE Twilio Markup Language - TwiML - XML

    Verb-based https://www.twilio.com/docs/api/twiml
  9. PROVIDING TWIML TO TWILIO After receiving a voice or SMS

    call to a Twilio phone number, Twilio will make an HTTP Request to the specified URL Twilio passes along metadata about the incoming call or text message Your web application returns TwiML to Twilio
  10. CONFERENCE CALL EXAMPLE Served directly from a web server Call

    (512)-969-2045 to try it Configured in TwiML App
  11. TWILIO REST API Make outbound calls or send text messages

    Buy phone numbers Inspect calls while they are live https://www.twilio.com/docs/api/ rest Works with TwiML
  12. TWILIO API LIBRARIES You can make calls directly to the

    REST API with JSON or XML PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, Java, Node.js - official Other languages are contributed Also can help create TwiML
  13. TWILIO CLIENT Capability Token Don’t ship Twilio credentials on the

    client side Build apps that do voice chat, conference call, make phone calls Add click to chat to your web site Pass parameters when connecting