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build Twilio-powered apps for Android and iOS

build Twilio-powered apps for Android and iOS

My talk from Twilio's Signal conference in May 2015, in San Francisco. Covers using the Twilio Client SDK for Android and IOS through PhoneGap with the Twilio Client for PhoneGap Plugin

Jeff Linwood

May 19, 2015

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    Labs Signal 2015, San Francisco @jefflinwood http://www.biscottilabs.com/
  2. TODAY’S TALK Quick Intro to Jeff Twilio Client for Mobile

    Server for Twilio Client PhoneGap PhoneGap Plugin for Twilio Demo
  3. JEFF LINWOOD Software Developer with Biscotti Labs - mostly iOS

    and Android Teaches Mobile App Development at UT-Austin as an adjunct Uses Twilio for web and mobile apps Current Projects: On Our Way App, MapRhino App
  4. TWILIO CLIENT Capability Token Don’t ship Twilio credentials on the

    client side Build apps that do voice chat, conference call, make phone calls Great for staying within the app Pass parameters when connecting
  5. CAPABILITY TOKENS Tokens configure your mobile app to be allowed

    to make or receive certain Twilio connections Outgoing Connections - TwiML Voice App - pass parameters Incoming Connections - identified by a String for the Client Name Create with Twilio Helper Library
  6. SERVER FOR TWILIO CLIENT Need a server to provide capability

    tokens Twilio Mobile Quickstart - https:// github.com/twilio/mobile- quickstart Your own server will depend on what you're building - in app purchase, CRM, etc.
  7. PHONEGAP PLUGINS Plugins bridge the gap between a mobile web

    site and a mobile app Standard plugins for phone capabilities - Camera, Filesystem Third-party plugins to wrap native libraries - like Twilio Client SDK Usually cross-platform, if possible.
  8. PHONEGAP PLUGIN FOR TWILIO Created by Steve Graham for iOS

    Later additions to keep up with Cordova/PhoneGap development (fast moving changes) Android added with the same API Send and receive voice calls Similar API to Javascript SDK, but not exactly the same
  9. INSTALLING TWILIO PLUGIN Follow directions on GitHub README to install

    plugin on a per-platform basis, or across Android and iOS Also need to follow directions in command line after installing plugin to add Twilio Client SDK Plugin gets updated with Cordova/PhoneGap and Twilio Client changes
  10. PDF INSTALLATION GUIDE http://www.jefflinwood.com/ Short walkthrough of the steps you

    need to create a new PhoneGap app that uses the Twilio Plugin Good if you're not familiar with XCode (some assembly required)