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Developing a Student Media App

Developing a Student Media App

Presented by Jeff Linwood on October 30, 2015 at the ACP/CMA National College Media Convention in Austin, Texas

Jeff Linwood

October 30, 2015

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    OCTOBER 30, 2015

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  2. About Jeff Linwood
    Mobile App Developer for iOS and Android

    Adjunct Lecturer at UT-Austin School of
    Journalism - teaching mobile app development

    Biscotti Labs - http://www.biscottilabs.com/

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  3. Developing a Student
    Media App


    Design and Prototyping

    Interfacing with your CMS

    Taking Advantage of Native Apps

    Alternatives to a Full Project

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  4. Considerations
    Who will develop the app?

    Which platform? Android, iOS, or both?

    Will you have enough differentiation from your
    mobile web site to make an app worthwhile?

    Can you work with an existing class or
    independent study?

    Fully responsive web site should come first

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  5. Planning
    Mobile Apps can take a lot longer to put together
    than a content-driven web site

    Can be very hard to determine exactly what
    features need to go into the app, and how it
    should look

    Focus on design and prototyping first

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  6. Design and Prototyping
    You can (and should) start the project without
    writing a line of code

    Use prototype tools (such as Balsamiq Mockups
    or Proto.io) to create low-fidelity mockups

    Can also just draw with pen on paper!

    Take them out to users! See if they would prefer to
    use an app instead of your web site - show both
    side by side

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  7. High Fidelity Designs
    After refining your low fidelity mockups, you can
    start on visual styles

    Colors, fonts, margins

    Responsive Designs - many different device sizes

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  8. Design Resources
    Google Fonts - Open Source Fonts - https://

    Adobe Color - Color Themes - https://color.adobe.com/

    MediaLoot - Icons, Mobile UI - http://medialoot.com

    Design for Android - http://developer.android.com/design/

    Design for iOS - https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/

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  9. Planning Development
    Recommend 2-3 programmers per platform

    Helps to have someone on the team who has
    published an app before

    Could take an entire semester to have the most
    basic functionality

    May want to design and prototype in the spring
    semester, start development in the fall semester

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  10. CMS Integration
    Integrating with the CMS will be the most difficult

    REST API - what does this mean?

    Toolkits for WordPress and Drupal

    Other CMS vendors may provide SDKs or APIs

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  11. Taking Advantage of Apps
    What could you do with wearables like the Apple

    Could you have an app on the Apple TV with your
    video content?

    Could you use push notifications?

    Could you use mapping or geolocation?

    Could you use the camera?

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  12. Alternatives
    Don't have to recreate your entire web site as an

    Creative ways to use existing content or get social

    Restaurant review app - map with call outs

    Quick polls app

    Event Listing app

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  13. Q & A
    Any thoughts on app development for student

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  14. Wrap-Up
    If you have questions, reach out

    [email protected]




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