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Mobile Video with Drupal and an iPhone App

Mobile Video with Drupal and an iPhone App

Presentation given in April 2013 at the Dallas Drupal Camp about Octopus Video and an open-source iOS app for video uploading and playback I created

Jeff Linwood

April 13, 2013

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  1. Mobile Video with Drupal and Octopus Jeff Linwood Biscotti Labs

    Dallas Drupal Camp April 13, 2013 Saturday, April 13, 13
  2. Installation Tips • Start with the 1.0-alpha 6 download, not

    the drush make • You need an Amazon Web Services Account • Also need an S3 bucket • Set up ZenCoder S3 Bucket Policy Saturday, April 13, 13
  3. More Installation Tips • To test Zencoder integration, do it

    on a server, not your local machine • Octopus creates a Zencoder account for you, but you could replace the API key Saturday, April 13, 13