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Drone Graffiti

Drone Graffiti

Drone Graffiti is a blog I made to document the phenomena as it happens. I made this presentation for PechaKucha Night Copenhagen May 28 2015.
You can find all all videos and posts with sound and follow the project at http://dronegraffiti.tumblr.com.

A quick run down of the presentation: Some background and my interest in graffiti as human beings oldest form of communication and drones as a technological tool for practical purposes. The wall piece on my building in Copenhagen that inspired me to the concept, and some thoughts about the blog, how I used Google alerts and Tumblr to make something I describe as automated journalism or generative documentarism. Some thoughts on the evolvement of the new art form from early experiments with the technology and relation to the art world, to the latest media hype around it.

Jesper Vestergaard

May 31, 2015

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