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Functional Testing A to Z

Jim Holmes
October 21, 2013

Functional Testing A to Z

Slides from a full-day workshop on Functional Testing.

Updated for presentation at CodeMash 2015.

Jim Holmes

October 21, 2013

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  1. Functional Testing from Acceptance Criteria to Zip Files

  2. Me jim@GuidepostSystems.com @aJimHolmes FrazzledDad.com Bit.ly/leadershipjourney

  3. Today’s Goal: Get you pointed in the right direction for

    learning more
  4. What We’re Covering What’s automated functional testing? Get your expectations

    right at the start Tools for automating functional tests Writing your tests Common pitfalls (and how to avoid them)
  5. Workshop Format

  6. Eight hours

  7. Breaks, FTW

  8. Talks Demos Hands On

  9. ~ four – six hours of content

  10. After that YOU pick stuff to play with!

  11. What’s Automated Functional Testing?

  12. (and how’s it differ from web to desktop?)

  13. Set your expectations early

  14. (or you will #FAIL)

  15. “Let’s automate all our 3,495 Excel test cases!”

  16. None
  17. Focus on value Look and feel

  18. “How many UI tests?”

  19. “As few as possible.”

  20. UI tests are part of your automation strategery

  21. Tools for automated functional testing

  22. UI Automation Architecture Driver Test Framework Automation Framework

  23. Free / Open Source Selenium / WebDriver Watir WatiN Telerik

    Testing Framework
  24. What’s the fuss about Record / Playback?

  25. Commercial QuickTest Pro Visual Studio’s Web Test Telerik Test Studio

  26. None
  27. First Test: Just get it going

  28. Second Test: Let’s talk locators

  29. Third Test: More locators

  30. Fourth Test: Refactoring

  31. Dealing With AJAX (or any async action)

  32. Fifth Test: AJAX in Action

  33. Sixth Test: More refactoring

  34. Page Object Pattern

  35. Looking Back at Our Earlier Tests

  36. Practical Problems and Solutions

  37. Word-wheel type searches (AJAXy stuff)

  38. Flexible Find Logic

  39. Me Jim@GuidepostSystems.com @aJimHolmes FrazzledDad.com

  40. This deck is licensed Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA-NC