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Appium: The Next Generation

Appium: The Next Generation

Keynote presentation given at AppiumConf 2019 in Bengaluru, India.

Jonathan Lipps

June 14, 2019

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  1. Appium: The Next Generation Jonathan Lipps • Founding Principal •

    Cloud Grey 
 @AppiumDevs • @cloudgrey_io • @jlipps • appiumpro.com AppiumConf 2019 · Bengaluru June 14, 2019
  2. Founding Principal All The Things Jonathan Lipps • Founding Principal

    • Cloud Grey 
 @AppiumDevs • @cloudgrey_io • @jlipps • appiumpro.com
  3. None
  4. Recognition

  5. Changes

  6. @jlipps · cloudgrey.io The stakes are getting higher. Your job

    is getting more complex. How to keep up with it all?
  7. Visual Testing Performance Testing UX Testing A/V Testing …and more

    Beyond Functional Testing @jlipps · cloudgrey.io
  8. Has my app’s visual appearance changed? Intrusive or absent elements

    Style / design bugs Form factor / layout bugs I18N bugs Visual Testing @jlipps · cloudgrey.io
  9. Is my app responsive enough? Code blocking UI thread Slow

    network or poor network stack design Resource (CPU/Mem) overuse Old hardware or ignored locales Performance Testing @jlipps · cloudgrey.io
  10. Is my app’s media consumable? How would a human listener

    / viewer rate it? Dropped frames A/V failing to play Compression artifacts Streaming server issues A/V Testing @jlipps · cloudgrey.io
  11. @jlipps · cloudgrey.io Your job is getting more complex. Are

    your tools keeping up?
  12. Tool Fatigue @jlipps · cloudgrey.io Automation Tools CI/Build Tools App

    Dev Tools Network Simulation Tools Load Generation Tools A/V Capture Tools Test Frameworks Testcase Management Test Design Tools Image Comparison Tools Performance Monitoring API Testing Tools
  13. Image analysis UX data analysis Test metadata analysis Test authoring

    tools Test discovery / generation tools AI/ML for Testing @jlipps · cloudgrey.io
  14. @jlipps · cloudgrey.io Where does Appium fit? ⚙

  15. @jlipps · cloudgrey.io Appium is the common interface for platform

  16. Less cognitive overload: one API everywhere Platform extensibility: new Webdriver-compatible

    drivers are trivial to build Feature extensibility: single-purpose plugins (Appium 2.0) Mix and match the drivers and plugins you need (Appium 2.0) Big umbrella, big community, open perspective Benefits of Appium’s Philosophy @jlipps · cloudgrey.io
  17. @jlipps · cloudgrey.io Appium won’t do everything! %

  18. @jlipps · cloudgrey.io Peaceful coexistence of an open source core

    and high-quality service ecosystem
  19. Image recognition (find element by image, image comparison) AI (test.ai

    classifier plugin) Batch commands for faster cloud execution Important platform updates and maintenance Adding new and useful features whenever possible But Appium will keep up! @jlipps · cloudgrey.io
  20. A Fun Example

  21. Back in 2016…


  23. assertEqual(len(ship.torpedos), 4) trigger = driver.find_element_by_id(“proton_torpedo”) trigger.click() assertEqual(len(ship.torpedos), 2) Back in

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  40. ⚠ Live Electronics Demo ⚠

  41. The WebDriver API is pretty flexible! Appium can run a

    lot of places, even on Rasberry PIs or other little things It was easy to create a driver for Rasberry PI GPIO header (< 250 LOC) Is IoT hardware automation useful? Unclear. But it’s fun! Get out there and do creative stuff with Appium! Conclusions @jlipps · cloudgrey.io
  42. @jlipps · cloudgrey.io Sorry, no music performance this year!

  43. @jlipps · cloudgrey.io When There Was Still Code to Write

    Planned Obsolescence Ghost in the Machine AppiumConf 2018 LXJS 2014 LXJS 2013 Released everywhere 6/18! Follow @splendoursounds
  44. Thank You! Don’t forget to sign up for Your free

    weekly Appium newsletter appiumpro.com Jonathan Lipps • Founding Principal • Cloud Grey 
 @AppiumDevs • @cloudgrey_io • @jlipps • appiumpro.com