Automated Unit & Functional Tests for HTML5 Mobile Apps [Workshop]

Automated Unit & Functional Tests for HTML5 Mobile Apps [Workshop]

HTML5 and hybrid mobile apps are becoming increasingly important, whether as alternative instances of successful web apps, or as mobile-only experiences. A combination of JS unit testing and functional UI testing helps ensure every HTML5 project stays bug-free throughout release cycles, and opens up the possibility for continuously-delivered mobile apps.

In this workshop, we’ll get hands-on with QUnit (for unit testing) and Appium (for functional testing), and write some tests together for a jQuery Mobile-based HTML5 site packaged as a cross-platform hybrid mobile app using Phonegap/Cordova. Then we’ll run the tests using the Sauce Labs cloud service, dig into the results, and talk about speeding up build times using parallelisation of test runs.


Jonathan Lipps

May 16, 2014