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Render 2017

Bf47d3b9da3655bf19e815aaa5446d4a?s=47 Jessica
March 30, 2017

Render 2017

Slides from my talk at Render Conf in Oxford, UK in March 2017. I talk about Sheetsee.js, spreadsheets, and Glitch!



March 30, 2017

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  1. Spreadsheets, Forms and Forks Jessica Lord — Render 2017 —

  2. Hello! @jllord

  3. None
  4. Spreadsheets, using tools so that making for the web is

 more approachable, easier, maybe fun? Let’s talk about
  5. Code for America Boston City Hall

  6. Yes to DIY, No to Bottlenecks Making better use of

    existing tools so that cities can get things done and maintain sites themselves, avoiding IT Department bottlenecks.
  7. Magic WordPress Theme Open source, could be used by other

    cities and talked to a Google Spreadsheet. Staff in the budget department just needed to update the spreadsheet.
  8. :( sad face The project’s fate: the county rebuilt the

    site in .net, closed the source code and access to the raw data.
  9. :) happy face There was still a good ending: got

    a Mozilla OpenNews Code Sprint Grant to pull out the JavaScript from the project and make a standalone library. That became sheetsee.js!
  10. Hooked on spreadsheets.

  11. Spectrum of websites single static page,
 no data massive web

 lots of secure data SO MUCH SPACE
  12. Despite the tricks, there are hurdles — Hosting $ —

    Hosting service — Database — Settings — Collaborators — Non developers
  13. Spectrum of Websites single static page,
 no data massive web

 lots of secure data SPREADSHEETS
  14. Spreadsheet is a database, already set up and with an

    interface people already know.
  15. Spreadsheets! Spreadsheets are free, no install, easy to use, easy

    to share. Yes, some limits: cells/column limits, Google bandwidth.
  16. No deploys, just edit sheet

  17. Years have gone by. What does it matter now?

  18. Dang, srsly?

  19. Sheetsee.js A little client-side library to visualize spreadsheet data—seeing your

    spreadsheet in a new way. And I’ve re-written it!
  20. Sheetsee

  21. None
  22. Visualizing In maps or sortable and 
 searchable tables.

  23. Spreadsheet data Nice JSON you get from using Tabletop.js. Fruit

    Color Apple Red [ { “Fruit”: “Apple”, “Color”: “Red” } ]
  24. Public Spreadsheet You do need to publish your spreadsheet so

    that it can be reached, but you don’t have to make it editable. Each spreadsheet has a unique KEY, Tabletop uses this to fetch the contents.
  25. Sheetsee Modules sheetsee sheetsee-core sheetsee-tables sheetsee-maps sheetsee.js command line tool

    to build sheetsee.js in every build, basic data functions build sortable, searchable table make a map with popups full library and documentation site
  26. Sheetsee CLI npm install -g sheetsee cd my-cool-site sheetsee -t

    --save Bundles sheetsee-core, sheetsee-tables and mustache.js (and sheetsee- maps and leaflet.js if including maps).
  27. Tables+ More than just tables!

  28. Tables+ More than just tables!

  29. Maps Pretty much maps, but there is clustering!

  30. Sheetsee Charts? No more! Remove features = happier maintainer.

  31. Using Sheetsee

  32. Use Tabletop.js Use Tabletop to send your spreadsheet data to

    a function: document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() { var KEY = 'YOURSPREADSHEETSKEYHERE' Tabletop.init({key: KEY, callback: doStuff, simpleSheet: true}) }) function doStuff (data) { // Use Sheetsee! }
  33. Create a placeholder With both maps and tables you’ll create

    a placeholder div in your HTML. <div id=“mymap”></div> <div id=“mytable”></div>
  34. Sheetsee Maps One of *two* methods. Use this if you

    want geoJSON (and certain data from your spreadsheet in it), you don’t have to. var optionsJSON = ['name', 'breed', 'cuddlability'] var geoJSON = Sheetsee.createGeoJSON(data, optionsJSON)
  35. Sheetsee Maps var mapOptions = { data: data, mapDiv: 'map',

    geoJSONincludes: ['Name', 'Animal', 'Rating'], template: '<p>{{Name}}—{{Animal}}—{{Rating}}</p>', cluster: true, hexcolor: '#e91e63' } Sheetsee.loadMap(mapOptions)
  36. Sheetsee Tables var tableOptions = { data: data, pagination: 10,

    tableDiv: "#fullTable", filterDiv: "#fullTableFilter", templateID: "fullTable_template" } Sheetsee.makeTable(tableOptions)
  37. Sheetsee Tables Also just*two* methods! Sheetsee.initiateTableFilter(tableOptions)

  38. Sheetsee Tables You’ll need to make a template for how

    you want it to display. <script id="fullTable_template" type="text/html"> <table> <tr><th class="tHeader">City</th><th class="tHeader">Place Name</th></tr> {{#rows}} <tr><td>{{City}}</td><td>{{PlaceName}}</td></tr> {{/rows}} </table> </script>
  39. Sheetsee Tables Also! Add column sorting to your table with

    .theader classes in your table header cells.
  40. Sheetsee Core Sheetsee.getKeywordCount(data, keyword) Sheetsee.getKeyword(data, keyword) Sheetsee.getColumnTotal(data, column) Sheetsee.getColumnAverage(data, column)

    Sheetsee.getMin(data, column) Sheetsee.getMax(data, column) Sheetsee.getMatches(data, filter, column) Sheetsee.getOccurance(data, column)
  41. Build things!

  42. Beyond Basics You can use your spreadsheet data in other

    ways besides just spitting it out into a table.
  43. Query Strings https://maps.google.com/maps?q={{address}},{{city}},{{state}}

  44. Math(s)! data.length()

  45. IFTTT Do what you
 want with your

  46. None
  47. Google Forms Also generate spreadsheets! Yes, way No, way

  48. Use existing resources to reduce barriers to the web.

  49. GitHub Pages — Free hosting of static or Jekyll sites.

    — Can now be hosted from any branch! — Supports HTTPS! — A forked site needs *one* commit before it’s hosted—make that
 changing a spreadsheet key, editor in browser (no dev env!).
  50. Fork-n-Go

  51. Glitch

  52. Glitch — Free hosting and servers for Node.js apps —

    In browser editor, collaborative editing! — Glitch Remix is like a GitHub Fork (it can also connect to GH) — FUN!
  53. Doing Good

  54. sheetsee.glitch.me

  55. spreadsheet.glitch.me

  56. spreadsheet.glitch.me API for getting your spreadsheet as JSON (uses Tabletop.js).

    spreadsheet.glitch.me/?key=YOURSPREADSHEETKEY You can also paste key into the site’s form.
  57. spreadsheet.glitch.me spreadsheet.glitch.me

  58. Spreadsheets, Forms (and other stuff) and Forks and Glitches

  59. Scale down, people up.

  60. Thanks! speakerdeck.com/jllord/render-2017