Building up the Electron Project: Team & Community Engineering

Bf47d3b9da3655bf19e815aaa5446d4a?s=47 Jessica
February 08, 2019

Building up the Electron Project: Team & Community Engineering


This is a talk about how Electron went from atom-shell, a dependency of the text editor Atom with no plans of its own, to the widely adopted desktop framework running many of your favorite applications.

I'll share the process of getting internal buy-in for the project, road mapping, and getting the team started. I'll also talk about the importance of community engineering to the project. This includes technical decisions on the tooling to educate and support developers from different parts of the stack, create maintainable code for a small team, and excite a community around sharing their work.

Electron's initial unplanned position actually worked to its advantage after the team took shape and many of the experiences shared in this talk can be applied to the project you find yourself advocating for now (or later).



February 08, 2019