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Introduction to Twilio - AAPUG

5048618030da9845ed2710e0dc4da654?s=47 Jacob Mather
December 02, 2012

Introduction to Twilio - AAPUG

This covers just a brief introduction of the possible things you can do with Twilio.

For the demo, check out https://github.com/jmather/twilio-demo


Jacob Mather

December 02, 2012


  1. Intro  to   Jacob  Mather   @thejmather  

  2. What  Twilio  Does   Twilio  provides  an  easy  API  for

     handling  Voice   and  SMS  acBviBes.   Jacob  Mather   @thejmather  
  3. How  Twilio  Does  It   Twilio  offers  a  RESTful  API,

     and  markup  based   response  language  to  enable  easy,  meaningful   interacBons  with  their  service.   Jacob  Mather   @thejmather  
  4. Quick  Ideas   •  Text/call-­‐in  VoBng   •  PBX  Service

     (phone  tree)   •  Voicemail  System   •  SMS  NoBficaBons   •  Phone  NoBficaBons   •  Custom  Conference  ConfiguraBons   Jacob  Mather   @thejmather  
  5. InteresBng  things  with  Voice   •  You  can  record  calls

      •  You  can  transcribe  those  recordings   •  You  can  accept  numerical  input   •  You  can  play  audio  files   •  You  can  automaBcally  convert  text  to  speech   •  You  can  use  exisBng  phone  numbers   •  You  can  purchase  phone  numbers   •  You  can  port  phone  numbers   Jacob  Mather   @thejmather  
  6. InternaBonal   •  You  can  place  calls  to  anywhere  in

     the  world.   •  You  can  SMS  to  40+  countries.   Jacob  Mather   @thejmather  
  7. To  Try  It  Out   To  get  a  handle  on

     some  of  the  basics,  let’s  do   something  interesBng:     1)  Text  a  message  in   2)  Have  the  system  call  us  and  say  it  back   3)  System  takes  a  voice  message  from  you   4)  System  texts  you  back  what  you  said   Jacob  Mather   @thejmather  
  8. Sound  cool?   Jacob  Mather   @thejmather  

  9. Demo     Check  out  the  repo  and  try  it

     yourself!     hbps://github.com/jmather/twilio-­‐demo   Jacob  Mather   @thejmather