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What will happen if you use App Bundle instead of apk

What will happen if you use App Bundle instead of apk

Matsuda Jumpei

August 01, 2019

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  1. What will happen? if you use App Bundle instead of

    apk shibuya.apk #36 @red_fat_daruma
  2. What will happen if you use App Bundle instead of

    apk shibuya.apk #36 @red_fat_daruma 今更更聞けない App Bundle で何が変わる?(邦題)
  3. today's contents Agenda ▸ Big changes ▸ What will be

    installed ▸ Download size for users ▸ The limit of the file size which users can install ▸ New Features and/or Tips ▸ Dynamic Delivery ▸ Prevent Sideloading ▸ Frequently asked questions ▸ Known issues and/or limitations 3
  4. What do App Bundle change? Big Changes ▸ What will

    be installed ▸ Optimized .apks for each device, which is built from .aab file ▸ base.apk and configuration .apk s ▸ Download size for users ▸ Significantly decreased ▸ The limit of the file size which users can install ▸ Increased to 150 MB! It was 100 MB. 4
  5. App Bundle can realize... New Features and/or Tips ▸ Dynamic

    Delivery ▸ Download and use *required* modules at run-time ▸ Also, can delete modules if it's no longer needed ▸ e.g. Onboading guide ▸ Require API 21 and higher but *fused* option is help for lower versions 5
  6. New Features and/or Tips ▸ Prevent Sideloading: Block installing apps

    bypass PlayStore ▸ A few line configurations can do it ▸ For Application class and ContentProviders (if used) 6 class AnyProvider : ContentProvider { override onCreate(): Boolean { if (MissingSplitsManagerFactory.create(context) .isMissingRequiredSplits) { return false } super.onCreate() ... } } class CustomApplication : Application { override fun onCreate() { if (MissingSplitsManagerFactory.create(this) .disableAppIfMissingRequiredSplits()) { return } super.onCreate() ... } } App Bundle can realize...
  7. Some of you might misunderstand this Frequently Asked Questions ▸

    in-app updates ▸ Do not require App Bundle ▸ The official documents are currently hosted in the App Bundle section, though. ▸ App distribution ▸ internal app sharing and internal tracks are required to check Dynamic Delivery for example ▸ DeployGate does not currently accept .aab 7
  8. App Bundle is not kinda silver bullet Known Issues and/or

    Limitations ▸ Around the download file size restriction (150MB) ▸ on-demand modules must meet this restriction ▸ obb file is not supported ▸ Around app package naming ▸ Root package names like *lib* and *res* cannot be used because of aab file structure ▸ Around dependencies ▸ API 21 and higher is required basically ▸ + Require newer Play Services regardless of OS version ▸ Around sideloading ▸ New APIs since Android Q must be required ▸ Otherwise ▸ Read the official documents and unofficial blogs 8
  9. Closing... positive stuff Summary ▸ Big Changes ▸ Optimized apk

    will be generated for each device ▸ Download size has been decreased significantly ▸ A file whose size is less than150MB can be installed w/o obb ▸ New Features and/or Tips ▸ Dynamic Delivery : Manage *required* materials dynamically ▸ Prevent Sideloading : Block app-launch from non-PlayStore installs ▸ Answers to frequently asked questions ▸ In-app updates works w/o App Bundle ▸ Distribute apps via official delivery systems if you'd like to check Dynamic Delivery etc. ▸ DeployGate cannot accept .aab for now (I'm in charge of supports...) 9
  10. Closing... negative stuff Summary ▸ Known issues and/or limitations ▸

    The size restriction is not avoidable if you are using Dynamic Delivery ▸ Does not support obb file ▸ Some of root package names like *lib* and *res* have been forbidden ▸ Depends on OS and Play Service versions ▸ New API since Q is required to install .aab (i.e. .apks) ▸ etc. 10
  11. Closing... Appendix ▸ Overview ▸ https://developer.android.com/guide/app-bundle ▸ in-app updates ▸

    https://developer.android.com/guide/app-bundle/in-app-updates ▸ Prevent sideloading ▸ https://developer.android.com/guide/app-bundle/sideload-check ▸ https://objectbox.io/app-bundle-and-sideloading-how-to-prevent-crashes/ ▸ Dynamic Feature ▸ https://developer.android.com/studio/projects/dynamic-delivery#feature_build_config ▸ https://developer.android.com/guide/app-bundle/playcore ▸ Codelab ▸ https://codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/your-first-dynamic-app/index.html ▸ https://codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/on-demand-dynamic-delivery/index.html ▸ Keywords ▸ app bundle, aab, dynamic feature, dynamic delivery, play core library, split manager, sideloading, in-app updates etc... 11
  12. Onaka suitane Thank You for Listening! ▸ Jumpei Matsuda /

    daruma ▸ Software Engineer @DeployGate ▸ GitHub: jmatsu ▸ Twitter: red_fat_daruma ▸ Please feel free to ask any questions 12