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SUSI.AI for Mobile Clients

SUSI.AI for Mobile Clients

In this talk, I presented the basic features and goals of SUSI.AI mobile clients, iOS and Android. I also talked about my Google Summer of Code and Advance Developer Program work with FOSSASIA.

Jogendra Kumar

March 15, 2019

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  1. About me • Pre-final year student at Indian Institute of

    Technology Varanasi • Open Source Contributor and Maintainer at FOSSASIA • iOS Developer • Google Summer of Code (2018) student developer for FOSSASIA • Sometime do Web Development and Blockchain Stuff • Mistakenly done Windows Development • GitHub Campus Expert! • Mentored several Open Source Programs including Google Code-In and will be mentoring Google Summer of Code 2019 students Jogendra Kumar jogendra imjog24 https://jogendra.github.io
  2. What features we have in our mobile clients? Almost everything

    you are looking for, if not, we are continuously adding new features
  3. Project Coding Structure - iOS: MVC - Android: MVP -

    MVC - Model View Controller - MVP - Model View Presenter
  4. Login, Signup and Forgot Password! The apps offers login functionalities

    to connect to other services and store personal data.
  5. Connect your mobile to SUSI Smart Speaker Wifi setup page

    which can be used to configure the smart speaker without an Android or iOS app. After start-up of the RPi, you can connect to the SUSI.AI hotspot and then open the page http://10.0.0. 1:5000
  6. What I worked on during Google Summer of Code (2018)

    and Advanced Developer Program (ADP) - GSoC Work : https://gist.github.com/jogendra/e51cf846e2637b0aa26451789c2f28e8 - ADP Work : https://gist.github.com/jogendra/5f25a6fe1f1763ec6c9ec58e30eb0910
  7. Allowing user to post skill feedback - Allow the user

    to post the skill feedback - Handle case when the user is not logged-in - Handle case when the skill is not rated
  8. Displaying skill feedbacks - Display three feedbacks in Skill Detail

    Screen and click on see all review, display all feedbacks - Handle case for less than or equal to three feedbacks
  9. Adding support for playing Youtube Videos Allow user to ask

    SUSI for playing videos in chat screen
  10. Scan and add SUSI devices to Device Activity - Allow

    only registered user to add or scan device - If connected wifi SSID match with SUSI speaker wifi, it add to device list to proceed ahead - Add device instruction screen
  11. ADP Work ❖ My main contributions involve resolving bugs and

    adding some new features to SUSI iOS. ❖ Starting a new project, Open Event Orga iOS from scratch. ❖ Setup and structured the project. ❖ Added Circle-CI and Swiftlint configs to Open Event Orga. ❖ Designed Signup and Login screen for Open Event Orga iOS
  12. Contribute / Get in touch? • Gitter Channel - SUSI

    iOS : https://gitter.im/fossasia/susi_iOS - SUSI Android : https://gitter.im/fossasia/susi_android • GitHub - SUSI iOS : https://github.com/fossasia/susi_iOS - SUSI Android : https://github.com/fossasia/susi_android