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An Explanation of HTTPS for the Inexperienced

An Explanation of HTTPS for the Inexperienced

That little green padlock next to a website address is very important. It indicates that your communication with that website is using HTTPS, a communication protocol that secures everything that you do online.

If you’re an end user, a developer, a business person, or indeed anybody who uses the Internet, this talk will introduce you to HTTPS from the very basics such as how computers communicate over the Internet, to how it affects your business, your clients, and your personal life.

Presented at:

* WordCamp Milano, November 2017.

#wcmil #wordpress #https


John Blackbourn

November 18, 2017

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  1. An Explanation of HTTPS for the Inexperienced

  2. John Blackbourn • WordPress core developer • Senior engineer at

    Human Made • Find me on Twitter, GitHub, WordPress.org: @johnbillion
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  5. Information you send or get through the site is private.

    Always be careful when sharing private information. Look at the address to make sure you're on the site you want to visit.
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  12. The Internet is a bunch of computers connected together

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  18. What is HTTPS?

  19. 1. Trust
 Assurance of identity 2. Privacy
 Third parties can't

    read communication
 3. Integrity
 Content can't be changed during transmission HTTPS Provides:
  20. 1. Trust

  21. 1. Trust

  22. 2. Privacy

  23. 2. Privacy Not just passwords and credit card numbers. -

    Email address - Location data - What you're reading on the internet - If you're a target of surveillance
  24. 3. Integrity

  25. 3. Integrity

  26. 1. Trust 2. Privacy
 3. Integrity HTTPS Provides:

  27. Hello! Hello!

  28. Va bene Here's my I.D.

  29. Here's our key Andiamo!

  30. HTTPS

  31. How does HTTPS affect me?

  32. Does HTTPS protect my communication on the Wi-Fi in a

    coffee shop? Yes, it does
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  34. Does HTTPS prevent my employer from seeing what I do

    on the Internet? No, it doesn't
  35. Is HTTPS the same as SSL or TLS? HTTP +

  36. Does HTTPS make my website safe? No, it doesn't

  37. Isn't HTTPS expensive to implement on a website? No

  38. Should I add HTTPS to my website? Yes

  39. Grazie! Find me on Twitter, GitHub, WordPress.org: @johnbillion