Zen Mode: Developing While You're Offline

Zen Mode: Developing While You're Offline

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q93YcVryNYU

Those of us who work in the web industry find that we’re online a huge amount of the time. Going offline can make us feel disconnected. But what about going offline while we’re working? Right at the time when we think we’re most likely to need an internet connection: to get our job done.

Working offline can be highly productive, and is often calming and focused. Whether we choose to go offline, or whether our surroundings make it necessary — such as while we’re traveling — having the right tools, environment, and frame of mind allows you to make working offline a joy.

In this talk, I cover the tools and approaches that I use to develop while I'm in zen mode and not connected to the internet.

Presented at:

* LoopConf, February 2018
* WordCamp Miami, March 2018

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John Blackbourn

February 23, 2018