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Last Month in PHP - March 2019

Last Month in PHP - March 2019

The latest releases and news in the PHP community.

John Kary

March 06, 2019

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  1. RFC: Saner string to number comparisons https://wiki.php.net/rfc/string_to_number_comparison Operators: <=> ==

    != > >= < <= When $sort_flags set to SORT_REGULAR (already default): sort() rsort() asort() arsort() array_multisort()
 When $strict set to false (already default): in_array() array_search() array_keys()
  2. Wordpress 5.1 Minor Release Site Health feature Outdated PHP warnings

    Plugin PHP version compatibility Fatal error protection (disabled) Metadata for Multisite JavaScript build pipeline npm install && grunt build
  3. Drupal 8.6.10 February 20, 2019 Remote Code Execution when… Drupal

    8 core RESTful Web Services (rest) module enabled and allows GET, PATCH or POST requests; or has a web services module enabled, like JSON:API in Drupal 8, or Services or RESTful Web Services in Drupal 7. https://www.drupal.org/SA-CORE-2019-003
  4. Symfony 4.3 will have two new Components: HttpClient Nicer API

    for curl, file_get_contents() MIME Nicer API for creating emails https://speakerdeck.com/fabpot/2-new-symfony- components-httpclient-and-mime
  5. Laravel – 5.8 Released https://laravel-news.com/laravel-5-8 • PHP dotenv • Carbon

    v2 • Cache TTL Changes • Deprecated String and Array Helpers • Nexmo and Slack Notification Channels