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Last Month in PHP - June 2018

Last Month in PHP - June 2018

News and community updates for PHP developers.

John Kary

June 06, 2018

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  1. Last Month in PHP June 6, 2018
 Kansas City PHP

    User Group John Kary @johnkary
  2. MySQL 8.0 Released UTF8MB4 is default character set == emojis!

    GIS / Geography Support, SRS aware spatial
 datatypes, spatial indexes, and spatial functions Better rename column syntax.
 ALTER TABLE user CHANGE `login` `username` VARCHAR(255);
 ALTER TABLE user RENAME COLUMN `login` TO `username`;
  3. $195 // $270 Regional 3 Mathematical Concepts Every Developer Should

    Know Logic, Graph Theory, and Degrees of Freedom Directed Acyclic Graphs and dependency tracking
  4. Regional "Talker" an open source assistive communication device for kids

    with autism How I used a Raspberry Pi and Django framework to make a $150 homemade open-source version of the $6,000 device my son uses to communicate. $195 // $270
  5. Regional A Room with a Vue.js An Introduction to Rust

    Goodbye REST APIs. Hello GraphQL! $195 // $270
  6. Online June 22, 2018 Solving Problems With Trees -- 1pm

    Win Big, Cache Out -- 8pm $20 nomadphp.com