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Last Month in PHP - July 2018

Last Month in PHP - July 2018

The latest releases and news in the PHP community.
Kansas City PHP User Group
July 11, 2018

John Kary

July 11, 2018

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  1. 7.3.0 Alpha 3 7.3.0 Final — December 2018 • Trailing

    comma allowed in function calls • json_encode() and json_decode() can throw exceptions • Add monotonic timer: hrtime([bool get_as_num]) • Add function: is_countable()
  2. 8.0 ?! June 25, 2018 — Zeev Suraski emails PHP

    Internals • Redoing JIT (Just In Time) compilation • Better support long-running, async I/O architectures • Improve connecting with C/C++ libraries • TensorFlow, machine learning, AI libraries • Write PHP extensions using PHP • September 2020???? (2+ years away) https://externals.io/message/102415
  3. Swoole Event-driven asynchronous, concurrent, coroutine networking engine with high performance

    for PHP. • Written in C and compiles to a PHP extension • HTTP, TCP and Socket servers • Concurrency based on Go (coroutines, channels) • Loaded code stays in memory after Request completes • Popular in China with companies like… • Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, YY $ pecl install swoole
  4. Wordpress 4.9.7 Security and Maintenance Release Fixes issue where privileged

    user could attempt to delete files outside the upload directory.
  5. Online July 19, 2018 TDD-ing a Ride-Hailing Application w/ PHPUnit,

    Symfony and Doctrine 8pm CDT PHP Developer Stack for Building Chatbots 1pm CDT $20 nomadphp.com
  6. Regional Cascadia PHP (Portland) Sept 14-15 Northeast PHP (Boston) Sept

    19-21 Wave PHP (San Diego) Sept 19-21 ZendCon (Las Vegas) Oct 15-17 php[World] (Washington DC) Nov 14-15 2018 Conferences