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Your Emotional API: How to be a better developer by being a better human

Your Emotional API: How to be a better developer by being a better human

Imagine we have an API endpoint which, when called, makes us feel angry. Imagine also that there are thousands of aliases that redirect to it. People and situations can call those endpoints at any time. It’s up to us to decide what response to send.

Feelings are messy and uncomfortable, why don’t we just ignore them? Because ignoring them inhibits our ability to code. Increases in emotional mastery can have impacts on our productivity and even careers.

We talk theory and practice for healthy emotions, with code samples!

Emotional API

August 21, 2016

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  1. @emotionalAPI John Sawers Founder and CTO of Data Simply Architect

    at Privia Health @emotionalapi @johnksawers http://emotionalapi.com
  2. @emotionalAPI post '/feels/anger' do
 post '/feels/sadness' do

 post '/feels/fear' do
 post '/feels/shame' do
 post '/feels/joy' do
 post '/feels/love' do
  3. @emotionalAPI There’s another layer delete '/job/12', 301: '/feels/sadness'
 put '/events/mother/visit',

    301: '/feels/anger'
 put '/baby/new', 301: '/feels/fear'
 post '/people/co-worker/comments/jerk', 301: '/feels/anger'
 get '/people/boss/compliment', 301: '/feels/pride
  4. “Trying not to feel something doesn’t work, and in some

    cases even backfires” David Rock Your Brain At Work[11]
  5. @emotionalAPI 1. 20 Minutes 2. Delayed Jobs 3. It Doesn’t

    Mean Anything 4. You Won’t Lose Control 5. It’s Just Energy 6. Talking Makes It Better 7. All Feelings Are Valid 8. There Is Nothing You Should Be Feeling 9. Repression Doesn’t work System Properties
  6. @emotionalAPI How did I get here? “…an intensive 20-hr Weekend

    Retreat in which you will explore your erroneous belief systems, learn to appropriately express emotions in a manner that heals…” Purpose • Passion • Peace http://aliceamos.me/p3retreat/
  7. @emotionalAPI Do: •GET /feels/anger/meaning, response: nil •self.body(:move) •@confidant.send_message(“I feel so

    sad about…”) •@self.send_message(“I feel so hurt about…”) •SafeSpace.new(throw Fit.new(“ARRRGH”))
  8. @emotionalAPI Stack Trace NoMethodError - undefined method `paternal_approval’ for BossClass:

    /me/feels/panic.rb:9:in `initialize' /me/feels/love/daddy:14:in `none_for_you’ /me/feels/fear/mistake/guaranteed_to_be_fired:21:in `realize_mistake’ /me/events/releases/prod/bug_count/metrics.rb:39:in `count_bugs’
  9. @emotionalAPI Stack Trace NoMethodError - undefined method `paternal_approval’ for BossClass:

    /me/feels/panic.rb:9:in `initialize' /me/feels/love/daddy:14:in `none_for_you’ /me/feels/fear/mistake/guaranteed_to_be_fired:21:in `realize_mistake’ /me/events/releases/prod/bug_count/metrics.rb:39:in `count_bugs’
  10. Cry

  11. “Crying doesn’t indicate you are weak, since birth it has

    always been a sign to indicate you are alive” — attributed to Charlotte Brontë
  12. @emotionalAPI Diff def ‘/v17/parents/:dad_id’ do
 1000.times.do { 500.times.do {

  13. @emotionalAPI Another Method post ‘/me/events/message/something_important_to_talk_about’ do
 origin = self.feels[:fear].inspect_origin

    || self.feels[:fear].perform_now
  14. @emotionalAPI Emotional Mentorship You can do this work on your

    own But it’s more powerful and rewarding to do it with others.
  15. @emotionalAPI Open Sourcing Mental Illness is a campaign founded by

    Ed Finkler to change how we deal with mental health in the tech community. https://osmihelp.org/ @OSMIhelp
  16. @emotionalAPI Do: •GET /feels/anger/meaning, response: nil •self.body(:move) •@confidant.send_message(“I feel so

    sad about…”) •@self.send_message(“I feel so hurt about…”) •SafeSpace.new(throw Fit.new(“ARRRGGH”) •SafeSpace.new(:cry) •Service start nagios •Week.days.each(:practice) •config.treads = false •self.get_help(:therapist_service)
  17. @emotionalAPI Thank You So Much This is just the start

    Mailing List: http://emotionalapi.com Twitter: @emotionalAPI
  18. @emotionalAPI References [1],[2] “…a lack of power impairs our cognitive

    function.’ Amy Cuddy, Presence 119 [3] “In fact, people who have a high sense of personal control…cope significantly better in crisis…because their executive functions are intact” Amy Cuddy, Presence, 136 [4] “Powerlessness makes us self-absorbed” Amy Cuddy, Presence 121 [5] “Helping children improve their self-awareness and confidence, manage their disturbing emotional impulses and increase their empathy pays off not just in improved behavior but in measurable academic achievement.” — Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence xi [6] “The [people who feel] powerful process information more abstractly, integrating information to extract the gist, detecting patterns and relationships” Smith, P.K., Dijkterhuis, A, & Wigbuldus, D.H. Psychology Science, 19, 1258-1259 [7] “Subjects made to feel powerful judged emotional expression more accurately.” Amy Cuddy, Presence 127 [8] “…having high leadership potential were far stronger in EI competencies…” Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence xiii [9] “Those who can mange their emotional lives with more calm and self-awareness … have … distinct and measurable health advantage … confirmed by many studies” Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence xi [10] “…when they were asked to name the emotion, the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex activated and reduced the emotional amygdala reactivity. In other words, consciously recognizing the emotions reduced their impact.” David Rock, Your Brain At Work 127 [11] Gross found that people who tried to suppress a negative emotional experience failed to do so. While they thought they looked fine outwardly, inwardly their limbic system was just as aroused as without suppression. Trying not to feel something doesn’t work, and in some cases even backfires. David Rock, Your Brain At Work 119