Conflict Resolution for Designers who Hate Conflict

929e57082aee3d8acca42323a9a5c26e?s=47 Joshua Mauldin
November 07, 2017

Conflict Resolution for Designers who Hate Conflict

Have you ever needed to have a tough conversation with a teammate who drastically overstepped or a client who didn't respect your decisions? Maybe you've wanted to bring up a problem you've had at work and don't know how. If the thought of having those conversations stress you out, this talk is for you.

In this talk, I’ll share some practical techniques will help overcome your aversion to conflict and get to effective resolutions. We’ll go over several examples of the types of conflict designers face and how to deal with them.

You’ll walk away with tools you can use immediately to clearly get your message across without you or the conversation going to pieces.


• How to prepare for a tough conversation
• How to know what you want out of a conversation before going into it
• How to make it safe to talk, even if it goes sideways
• How to get to the heart of the issue by asking the right questions
• How to know when to walk away


Joshua Mauldin

November 07, 2017