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April 28, 2024

Other Decks in Marketing & SEO


  1. I come from the most competitive industry in SEO today,

    gambling affiliation. It’s a huge battle for resources: people, content and links. Nobody wants to link to a gambling site. But they will if your content goes viral… Hi, my name is Maja #brightonseo
  2. The story of dappGambl Does it mean benefits? The website

    that was behind the whole dead NFTs craze a few months ago and received a ton of buzz in the press Translated in SEO terms, it means links, mentions and brand searches. #brightonseo
  3. On August 29th we published a little piece stating that

    95% of all NFTs bought are now worthless… NFT’s are dead? #brightonseo
  4. 1 3 2 Instagram Tiktok Youtube 702k views 343k views

    114k likes 93k views 288k likes 864.2k views 2.4m views #brightonseo
  5. 4 5 Twitter (X) Reddit Both sides of the story

    participated in the argument #brightonseo
  6. 4 5 Twitter (X) Reddit 31K upvotes 3.8K comments​ 8.8M

    views 11.9K likes 3.6M views 43.9K likes #brightonseo People who bought and people who didn’t
  7. The first links started coming in and I can’t describe

    the excitement in the team #brightonseo
  8. One could say, we even helped popularise the term Has

    the website’s traffic profited? #brightonseo
  9. If you look at the anchor text, it’s not surprising

    #brightonseo URL: /dead-nfts/ Anchor text: dappGambl Source: AHREFS
  10. Homepage About us Authors 281% rise in impressions 347% rise

    in clicks 331% rise in impressions 400% rise in clicks 781% rise in impressions 600% rise in clicks Homepage About us Authors #brightonseo
  11. NFT MARKET ANALYSIS Dead NFTs: The Evolving Landscape of the

    NFT Market Dead NFTs NFT Scan 1 #brightonseo

    Are NFT’s Dead? 4 NFT’s DEAD #brightonseo
  13. The main anchor profile of the entire website is not

    what the website is about #brightonseo
  14. The dead NFTs page is buried deep down on the

    5th page in the USA for the term dead NFTS. That’s position 50+ and that’s its best ranking #brightonseo
  15. And despite all the international links, these are our best

    positions for that page 44 40 44 57 #brightonseo
  16. But many people have managed to break into it with

    a strong domain authority #brightonseo DR 58 2022 2023
  17. If you want a dofollow link with 95DR, Join Patreon

    and start your own podcast. They allow you to add news links that are dofollow. Guess how I know this :) #brightonseo