Laurent Bossavit - The Joy of Debugging Ourselves

Laurent Bossavit - The Joy of Debugging Ourselves

Here's a guilty secret of programming: a little debugging is a lot of fun. Granted, too much debugging can be the opposite of fun. Therein lies a mystery: why can't we ever seem to write *just the right amount* of bugs? The discipline tasked with answering these questions, known as Software Engineering has for the past four decades (and a bit) managed to ignore some fundamental facts about programming, such as why a little debugging can be a lot of fun, and more interestingly where bugs come from in the first place. Laurent's talk reveals some dismal truths about this sad state of affairs, but also offers more uplifting suggestions on how we can bring tons of fun back into programming, by developing new skills such as leprechaun hunting and brain debugging.


Joy of Coding

May 29, 2015