Cristina Lopes - Exercises in Programming Style

Cristina Lopes - Exercises in Programming Style

Back in the 1940s, a French writer called Raymond Queneau wrote an interesting book with the title Exercises in Style featuring 99 renditions of the exact same short story, each written in a different style. In my book "Exercises in Programming Style" I shamelessly do the same for a simple program. From monolithic to object-oriented to continuations to relational to publish/subscribe to monadic to aspect-oriented to map-reduce, and much more, you will get a tour through the richness of human computational thought by means of implementing one simple program in many different ways. This is more than an academic exercise; large-scale systems design feeds on these ways of thinking. I will talk about the dangers of getting trapped in just one or two prescribed styles during your career, and the need to truly understand this wide variety of concepts when architecting software.


Joy of Coding

May 29, 2015