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Catalogue of Influences

Julia So
June 02, 2022

Catalogue of Influences

Graphic design editorial assignment designing a book of influences. This catalogue is a collection of inspirations and influences that influenced my approach and perspective on art and design.

Julia So

June 02, 2022


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  2. Julia So
    Influence Sketchbook
    a collection of my design
    and art influences

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  3. Art has always been a
    big part of my life. Over
    the years I've build a large
    collection of reference
    artists, techniques, and
    mediums that have
    influenced my drawing
    skills. Now I have even
    started collecting new
    influences that inspire my
    developing design skills.
    The intension of this
    book is to collect and
    organize my long time or
    newfound art and design
    influences to share and
    look back at.

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  4. As Not For:
    Dethroning Our Absolutes
    Jerome Harris
    As, Not For is an incomplete historical
    survey of work created by African-
    American graphic designers over the last
    century. These practitioners are absent
    in too many classroom lectures, and their
    methods mostly invisible or uncredited in
    the field.
    This exhibition aims to promote the
    inclusion of neglected Black designers
    and their developed methodologies and
    challenge the ubiquity of White and anti-
    Black aesthetics in our designed world.
    Curated by Jerome Harris in collaboration
    with Mary Yang and BU Graphic Design

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  6. CoMix Wave
    Films Story Inc.
    a Japanese animation film
    studio and distribution company
    based in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.
    The studio is known for its
    anime feature films, short films,
    and television commercials,
    particularly those made by
    director Makoto Shinkai.It was
    founded in March 2007 when it
    split from CoMix Wave Inc., which
    was initially formed in 1998 from
    Itochu Corporation, ASATSU
    (now ADK), and other companies.
    "CoMix Wave Films began
    in creative contracting and
    currently engages in animated
    movie production, distribution
    and package sales as well as
    overseas sales. We staff each
    step with a small number of
    highly skilled people, hoping
    to create works that will both
    fully display its creators'abilities
    and stand the test of time.
    Our mission is to work with
    imaginative artists to deliver
    heartfelt works to the world."

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  11. Josef Muller-Brockmann
    Josef Müller-Brockmann was a Swiss graphic
    designer, author, and educator, he was a
    Principal at Muller-Brockmann & Co. design
    firm. He was a pioneer of the International
    Typographic Style.

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  13. Lisk Feng
    Lisk Feng is an award-
    winning illustrator who is
    initially from China, and
    now a New York-based
    freelance illustrator. She
    graduated from MFA
    Illustration Practice
    from Maryland Institute
    College of Art in 2014,
    with a lot of publications
    and advertisings projects
    seen by the world, such
    as The New Yorker, Apple,
    Penguin, Airbnb, The
    New York Times, Chanel,
    etc. Meanwhile, her
    illustrations received some
    awards and recognitions
    such as Silver Medal from
    the Society of Illustrators,
    Communication Arts
    Excellence Award, 3X3
    Silver Medal, American
    Illustration winner, etc.
    She also published several
    children`s books with
    Flying Eye Books, Abrams
    and Kids Can Press. She
    was awarded one of the
    Art Directors Club 15
    young gun artists among
    all artists from all fields
    worldwide in 2017.

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  19. Tang Yau Hoong
    Tang Yau Hoong is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer
    based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With a passion for
    creative thinking, he creates art that is conceptual, surreal
    and fun in a simplistic and unique way. Since 2007, he
    works with various clients globally in advertising, editorial,
    branding, corporate, marketing, and many other design
    projects. When he is not doing commercial work he enjoys
    making art and immerses himself in his personal projects.

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  24. Kaori Doi is an illustrator
    living in Tokyo. She strives
    to express the presence
    and beauty of objects with
    a delicate touch using
    colored pencils, and her
    specialty is the depiction
    of food.
    Doi Kaori

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  26. Mateusz
    Mateusz Urbanowicz is an apt
    name for the Polish artist who
    is famous for drawing urban
    landscapes. Even though
    Urbanowicz is known for his
    unique style of artwork, one of his
    true talents is a keen eye. Armed
    with a camera and touring the
    streets of Tokyo, Mateusz would
    look for fascinating settings
    that are easily overlooked by the
    average tourist or passerby. In
    other words, the artist searches
    for scenes of intense character.

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  30. Prints from the
    Risograph Worshop at
    Multiple Formats Symposium

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  32. Making the first-ever
    animated Spider-Man
    feature was a chance to
    do something new and
    exciting, an invitation to
    look for a new visual style
    inspired by the look of
    comic books. The entire
    look of the film was driven
    by artist’s intention in which
    the design and style was
    given more importance
    than accuracy or realism.
    Artists were encouraged
    to experiment and try new
    ideas without concern for
    how it might break the
    pipeline. The hand of the
    artist is visible in every shot
    including imperfections.

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  34. Bernard Villemont
    Bernard Villemot (1911–1989)
    was a French graphic artist.
    Between 1932 and 1934, he
    studied in Paris with the artist
    Paul Colin, and in 1945–46, he
    began designing posters for the
    Red Cross. In the late 1940s, he
    began a famous series of travel
    posters for Air France.
    In 1963, the Musée des arts
    décoratifs in Paris held an
    exhibition of his work. Villemot
    became known as one of
    the last great poster artists
    and for his ability to distill an
    advertising message to a
    memorable image with simple,
    elegant lines and bold colors.

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  37. Donald and
    Helen Olson
    Donald Olson was a renowned
    Modernist architect. His
    distinctive designs, ranked
    among the best of California
    modernism, held fast to a purist
    expression of International
    Style modernism. He was a
    designer of numerous landmark
    residences and buildings
    including, UC Berkeley’s
    Wurster Hall with Joseph
    Esherick and Vernon DeMars.
    I was close to Don and Helen
    Olson. My mom is an architect.
    She was a student of Don’s
    when she went to UC Berkeley
    for graduate school. Don was
    her master’s thesis advisor.
    After she graduated in 1984, he
    hired her to work at his office.
    Photos with Don and Helen in 2001

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  38. His wife Helen Olson
    was an art director at
    Filene Department
    store. While Don was
    teaching at Harvard
    she was designing
    illustrations and
    posters for Filene.

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  39. My family would always
    visit them at their home
    located on the North
    Berkeley Hills, a grand
    modernist style home
    designed by Don. It
    was listed on the U.S.
    National Register of
    Historic Places in 2010.
    They both had a great
    influence on my love for
    modernist architecture
    and illustration design.
    Don and Helen
    Olsen's House

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  41. William Boyd "Bill" Watterson
    II is the author of Calvin and
    Hobbes. He was author
    and artist during the strip's
    decade-long run.
    During its run, Watterson
    became known for battling
    against the arbitrary
    structure publishers
    imposed on newspaper
    cartoons and the limited
    size of contemporary
    comic strips.
    Watterson managed to
    get an exception to this
    constraint for Calvin and
    Hobbes, allowing him to
    draw his Sunday cartoons
    the way he wanted. In many
    of them the panels overlap
    or contain their own panels;
    in some of them the action
    takes place diagonally
    across the strip.
    Calvin and
    Bill Watterson

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  43. Cheryl Young
    Cheryl Young is a
    Hong Kong based
    freelance artist with a
    love of hamsters and
    environments. While
    Cheryl’s profession lies
    in illustration, games,
    and comics, Cheryl
    has also worked with
    Disney, Mojang and
    Dark Horse Comics.

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  47. John Marchione is an illustrator,
    designer, and printer currently
    based in Baltimore, MD.
    In 2015 Jon graduated from
    the Maryland Institute College
    of Art with a BFA in illustration
    and a concentration in Book
    Since 2015 he has been
    working as a freelance
    illustrator. His clients include
    NPR, HopeWell, The Center
    for Open Data Enterprise,
    Baltimore City Paper, Narritive.
    ly, Newcity Magazine, Spider
    Magazine, The Johns Hopkins
    Nursing Magazine, and the
    Light Grey Art Lab.
    In 2018 Jon started work as a
    designer & letterpress printer
    for Gilah Press & Design and
    have worked with clients
    such as Union Craft Brewing,
    Strickland Hollow, Hoopla
    Catering and the Evermore
    Cannabis Collective.
    John Marchione

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  52. Gabriel Picolo is a Brazilian
    comic artist and illustrator
    based in Sao Paulo. His
    work has become known for
    its strong storytelling and
    atmospheric colors. Picolo
    has developed projects for
    clients such as Blizzard,
    BOOM! Studios, Harper
    Collins, and DeviantART.
    Gabriel Picolo

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  53. Mo Willems is an American
    writer, animator, voice actor,
    and children's book author.
    His work includes creating the
    animated television series
    Sheep in the Big City for
    Cartoon Network, working
    on Sesame Street and The
    Off-Beats, and creating the
    popular children's book series
    Elephant and Piggie.
    hi I'm Pigeon!
    Mo Willems

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  56. Emily Xu is a fourth
    year animation
    student at Sheridan
    Collage in Oakville,
    Ontario. Emily is a
    story artist who also
    explores illustration.
    Her use of bold
    colors, filtered blurs
    and glitch effects
    bring out a narrative
    in her illustrations.
    Emily Xu

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  60. James Jean is a Taiwanese
    American artist. He studied
    illustration and painting at
    School of Visual Arts in New
    York in 2001. He worked as a
    DC and Marvel comic cover
    illustrator earning multiple
    awards such as the Garnering
    Seven Eisner Award and three
    Harvey Awards.
    “By experimenting with different
    styles and art-historical
    genres, Jean depicts detailed
    cosmological worlds that
    focus on both individual and
    universal experiences. Layered
    with imagery drawn from
    contemporary culture and age-
    old allegories, he imagines a
    collective realm of mythological
    James Jean

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    All design prints and postcards were
    collected from the 2022 MFA Graphic
    Design Thesis Exhibitions.
    Oliver Hua
    Rhea Jauhar
    Arjun Kumar
    Amy Kunberger
    Chen Luo
    Yash Mathur
    Noor Nasser
    Jordan Phillips
    Dan Pinnolis
    Tvesha Shah
    Ye Wang
    Spencer Yan
    Regina Acra
    Bella Bennett
    Treasa Benny
    Domenico Colace
    Crystal Du
    Chuck Gonzales
    MFA Graphic Design
    Class of 2022

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  64. The practice of design is
    a synthesis of conceptual
    thinking and invention
    combined with physical labor
    and craft to achieve a specific
    desired outcome. Designers
    labor, spending countless
    hours on iterations, revisions,
    consultations, and refinements,
    sometimes taking a project
    completely apart and starting
    over. The work is not solitary
    but is a response to—and
    collaboration with—a range of
    stakeholders, always with an
    audience in mind.

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  65. Christoph Niemann is an artist,
    author and animator. His work
    appears regularly on the covers
    of The New Yorker, National
    Geographic and The New York
    Times Magazine. Christoph
    Niemann’s art has been
    subject to numerous museum
    retrospectives. He has
    drawn live from the Venice
    Art Biennale, the Olympic
    Games in London, and he has
    sketched the New York City
    Marathon — while actually
    running it. He created The
    New Yorker’s first Augmented
    Reality Cover as well as
    a hand drawn 360 degree VR
    animation for the magazine’s
    US Open issue.

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  67. Adapted by Paul Karasik and David Mazzucchelli,
    with graphics by David Mazzucchelli, Paul
    Auster’s groundbreaking, Edgar Award-
    nominated masterwork has been astonishingly
    transformed into a new visual language.

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  69. Quinn writes mysteries.
    The Washington Post
    has described him as
    a “post-existentialist
    private eye.”
    An unknown voice
    on the telephone
    is now begging for
    his help, drawing
    him into a world
    and a mystery far
    stranger than any
    he ever created
    in print.

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  70. Designed by Julia So
    Spring 2022
    Junior Graphic Design
    at Boston University
    Book set in
    Sculpin Typeface,
    designed by Eric Olson

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