Writing Interactive User Interfaces with PHP & React.js - PHPNW15

Writing Interactive User Interfaces with PHP & React.js - PHPNW15

Have you heard of React.js but not sure where to start? Are your web UIs getting complicated and hard to maintain? Come learn about React.js, and JS library that was designed to make great user interfaces. We'll cover how to setup your environment to build React.js components. We'll talk about breaking out reusable components and organizing your code to make it manageable. We'll then show some examples of the differences between states & props and when to use them. We'll give a brief introduction to Flux, and share all the great resources for using React to help after the talk. Learn why websites like Facebook and Instagram use React to deliver a great experience, regardless of complexity. Learn how to take ReactJS and implement it into your existing PHP applications.

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Justin Carmony

October 03, 2015