Lessons Learned Becoming a Manager of Managers - Engineering Leadership Utah - July 2019

Lessons Learned Becoming a Manager of Managers - Engineering Leadership Utah - July 2019

When I was promoted to become the director of multiple teams, I was excited. I had my years of experience and toolbox of well-practiced skills. "It's simple," I thought, "I'll do what I did for one team with multiple teams. Easy enough. I'm totally ready!"

Narrator: he totally was not ready.

Everyone talks about the transition from an individual contributor to a manager is difficult, but fewer people talk about the transition of managing a single team to multiple teams. For me, this transition was the more difficult of the two. One moment, I felt everything was going just fine, only to realize a week later, each team had its own fire going on. What's worse, you can't just grab every issue by the horns and wrangle it down, but instead coach your teams through solving their own problems.

We'll talk about the hard-learned lessons on becoming a manager of managers. We'll talk about leading leads, growing team members, and keeping a pulse on your teams with far fewer data points than when you're in the trenches with them.

About the presenter:

Justin Carmony is the Senior Director of Engineering at Deseret Digital Media, overseeing multiple teams supporting KSL.com and it's analytics platforms. He is an international speaker having given over 50+ presentations over the last decade at user groups and conferences. He is a Utah native who currently lives in Layton with his wife and two kids.


Justin Carmony

July 09, 2019