Making the Most of your Agile Process - DPC `14

Making the Most of your Agile Process - DPC `14

Almost everyone in our industry has heard of agile development, scrum, and likely to some degree. Most teams I know follow some sort of scrum-like process: two week sprints, story points, estimation, etc. However, it is very easy to go through the motions of scrum & agile without really improving the process, and that was the struggle our different different development teams faced at DDM. However, over the last two years across our different teams we’ve discovered very key elements of scrum that are rarely talked about that make the biggest difference.

So in this talk we’ll assume you’ve heard of scrum, sprints, scrummasters, backlogs, and the general idea of scrum. In this talk, we’ll go through the key changes we made in our agile process across our different teams that really made the difference. We’ll show how we were able to change scrum from a set of meetings and to-do lists into an effective system that has double our teams’ output.


Justin Carmony

June 28, 2014