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Stuck in the Middle with You: Exploring the Connections Between Your App and the Web

by Justin Weiss

Published September 10, 2016 in Programming

Our apps are becoming more complicated and more distributed. We’re extracting APIs and handling callbacks and pings from the services we depend on. We’re using our data and services from different clients, like rich JavaScript applications and mobile apps. And as we fling our logic into more places, it’s harder to see what’s actually going on between them. If you’re working in applications that have become a forest of APIs and services, or you’ve ever said, “I really wish I could just see what kind of data this server thinks I’m handing it, and what I’m getting back,” this talk is for you. With a few tools and some simple techniques, you’ll watch the data go from your apps to your APIs and see your responses, callbacks, and pings come back.