JSX is just Javascript

3b48c91bf6b6f0bfd0fda50625598656?s=47 Justin Woo
November 18, 2014

JSX is just Javascript


Justin Woo

November 18, 2014


  1. JSX is just Javascript Justin Woo

  2. About me Former student physicist, nanotech researcher Working with React

    for 9 months now Former Python, Java user Not a real Node.js user
  3. Agenda Look at JSX output Get everyone hyped up to

    write JS Walk through an example Demo “crazy” code Not present a FP seminar
  4. JSX transform in a nutshell

  5. Verdict JSX is just JS ...with some small amount of

    magic ...which is fine ...and saves a lot of time ...don’t have to follow JSX transform changes ...lets designers commit directly to codebase
  6. So what if JSX is JS? Don’t need templates ({{#each}},

    ng-repeat) More JS that makes sense Less syntax to remember [‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’].map(function () { … }) no more !g ng-repeat docs no more !g handlebars each docs
  7. Doing more in pieces All of your JSX doesn’t need

    to go in return() Build pieces out at a time Provide outlets for those pieces Go crazy
  8. Example

  9. Example cont.

  10. Example cont. 2

  11. {demoTime} Local or JSBin or JSFiddle or GitHub

  12. Conclusions JSX is Javascript JS is fun JSX with JS

    is familiar Familiar is easy(-ier than unfamiliar)
  13. Thanks! Hope you weren’t bored to death Hope you learned

    something or were amused Talk to me through email or twitter: moomoowoo@gmail @jusrin00