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Shrimpton: Shrimply the Best - Space Shrimp Boards

Kazu Sal
January 14, 2024

Shrimpton: Shrimply the Best - Space Shrimp Boards

Kazu Sal

January 14, 2024


  1. Scene: 1-1 Time: 1.5s Description: Spaceship going lightspeed / SFX

    alert/beep going on and off Shot: Wide shot
  2. Scene: 2-2 Time: 0.8s Description: Shrimpton turns to look at

    the alarm that goes on and off / SFX faint beeping Shot: Medium
  3. Scene: 3-1 Time: 1.0s Description: Shrimpton floats outside of his

    spaceship at a repair panel Shot: Wide shot
  4. Scene: 6-1 Time: 1s Description: Shrimpton enters the ship -

    SFX - whoosh/sci-fi door sound opening Shot: Medium
  5. Scene: 8-2 Time: 2.5s Description: Time suddenly feels off and

    the ship is thrown out of lightspeed. Shot:
  6. Scene: 12-2 Time: 0.7s Description: The ship gets consumed, shrinking,

    its outline white before becoming abstract lines and disappearing. Shot: