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Recap of the Google IO 2017

Recap of the Google IO 2017

A talk given at the June "Mumbai Android Developers (MAD)" meetup.

Recap of the Google I/O 2017 from a user as well as developer point of view. Being an Android meetup, we concentrated on the Android launches, framework updates and the overall momentum change in the tech world.

Karan Trehan

July 19, 2017

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  1. “It will take all of us working together, to bring

    the benefits of technology to everyone” - Sundar Pichai
  2. For Users • Google Lens • Photos - Suggested Sharing

    • Photos - Shared Libraries • SmartPhone VR • Tango AR • Chromecast 360 support For Developers • Cloud TPUs • Google.ai • Machine Learning Engine • TensorFlow 1.2 • Progressive Web Apps • Polymer
  3. • Actions on Google • Google Payments • TensorFlowLite •

    Architecture components • Play services update • Support Library update • Android Instant Apps • Android Go • Exoplayer update • Kotlin • Google Play Protect • Play Console Dashboard • Play App Signing • Android Studio Profilers • Firebase Analytics • Firebase Cloud functions • Phonenumber Auth • Flutter • Android Things
  4. Kotlin For developers • Makes development faster and enjoyable •

    code.less == bugs.less • javafunction() { return kotlinObject.function(); } • A new language learnt • A new thought process • ios.run() { androidcode.get(); } //Kotlin Native • Server-side development
  5. Architecture Components For developers • Way to develop architect apps

    better • Handles majority some of the challenges we face with the framework • Makes lifecycles more stable clear • Embraces the advances of third-party libraries and supports them • Less boilerplate than Sqlite, but with the same speed • Provides each component separately
  6. SMS Retriever API For users Current flow: • Phone number

    entered • Phone number sanity checked • Number sent to server • Server sends OTP msg • We create broadcast-receiver • We ask for “Read SMS” permission • We receive broadcast • We pass it to the activity to continue Cons: • User takes time • User may make mistakes • User thinks app will read all SMSs • User does not give permission • User does not enter OTP • User leaves app • Project manager is angry, developer is sad
  7. Android Studio Profilers For developers CPU Usage? - Adding logs

    to functions, finding bottlenecks, fixing issue, removing logs Memory Leaks? - LeakCanary Network Debugging? - Stetho, Chuck, NetworkInterceptor (OkHttp) Handle dependencies in Release and Debug builds CPU Profiler - Info about the time taken by code on the CPUs and threading info Memory Profiler - Identify memory leaks at runtime, click to piece of code and fix faulty code Network Profiler - View and debug the network calls. OkHttp also supported Available in Android Studio 3.0 - Canary
  8. Instant Apps For users • Users use 4-6 apps weekly

    • Most apps uninstalled in a day • Older apps uninstalled to make space for other apps • Download, install, view, uninstall • Uninstalls impacts Google Play standings • App runs through Google Play as a native app • Activated via “App Links” • No installation needed. Internet needed. • Android 6.0+ (Coming to 5.0+ soon) • Requires your project to be build in modules. 8 Step process • Modularization is complicated and should be done for core business as of now
  9. Special Mentions Android Go For users • A version of

    Android for mass market consumers • Make “Go” specific apps to reach a larger target audience specifically in India Play Console For developers • A better way to manage crashes, performance and releases • Cloud App Signing to auto create APKs for various architectures and instant apps
  10. Summary Not everything is for you “right now” Always best

    to know what is out there! Play, Create sample apps, Upload to Github, Share, Learn! Use only stable elements in business apps Report bugs and request features to the Google team • Kotlin • Architecture components • SMS Retriever API • Android Studio profilers • Instant Apps • Android Go • Play Console