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MiniPlay APIs

MiniPlay APIs

@GameLab Barcelona 2013


June 27, 2013

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  1. English Spanish Portuguese Italian • Browser-based games portal  Singleplayer/Casual

     Multiplayer  Social  MMOs Who we are Intro • May 2013 site rewrite + APIs
  2. •Hosted games Safer Game file + statics (no serverside) •External

    games Must check data signature MiniPlay Connect (SSO) Game Sandbox Features
  3. •Dev/Prod flags •Dev: Hidden except game devs & admins Test

    users No rewards Achievements, Purchases and Stats simulators Also available after launch Game Sandbox Features
  4. •REPLACE: level completed •SUM: lifetime kills •MAX: highscore •MIN: best

    lap time Maxvalue: int32 In-game Statistics Features
  5. •MAX, MIN, SUM •ASC or DESC * •Global: Daily, Weekly,

    Monthly, Total •Or Friend-based * Cannot be modified once set Scoreboards Features
  6. •Based on stats •AND logic if using 2+ stats •Time-aware

    if wanted •Difficulty levels: Easy/Medium/Hard •500 XP to distribute •Gems awarded (based on XP) •We can adapt existing achievements Achievements Features
  7. •Read/Write access to modules •Callbacks for most functions •Use JS

    API too or limited functionality Actionscript 3 APIs
  8. •Interaction with Sandbox (and site) E.g. Open scoreboards, detect a

    like/favourite •C2S only Environment module APIs
  9. •Get in-game stats •Post in-game stats Allows reset of a

    stat Allows batching JS API can’t Stats module APIs
  10. •Manage shared content Levels, user created “public” content,... Replays •50KB/slot

    (infinite slots) •Can be associated with highscores •JS API can’t Shared content module APIs
  11. •Cloud-based binary data storage system •50KB/slot, 3 slots (per user

    per game) •JS API can’t Datastore module APIs (online savegames)
  12. •Manage inventory •Manage stock •Consume item(s) •Items purchase dialog •Purchases

    have server & client callbacks •AS3 can’t add items •JS can’t consume/add items Items module APIs
  13. 1.Register as a user 2.Contact us to register the game

    3.Integrate API(s) 4.Test development version 5.Ask for validation 6.Launch scheduled 7.Game live! 8.Update game (GOTO 4) Game Publishing Flow Tidbits
  14. • Models:  Game license  Pre-roll advertisement  Virtual

    economy: Integrate our currency • Payment providers:  Country-based  Paypal, Mobiadvanced, Trialpay, Toditocash, Paysafecard, Paymentwall, Dinero Mail,... Payments Tidbits