How to avoid “Manager Gameface!” and become an authentic leader

How to avoid “Manager Gameface!” and become an authentic leader

Talk at CalibrateSF 2018.

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Openness and authenticity are critical to gaining trust and respect your new direct reports. How can you do this when you don’t yet know what you’re doing? Rationally afraid of appearing incompetent, many new managers resort to putting on "Manager Gameface": presenting a sanitized, slightly robotic version of yourself, and pretending to know what you’re doing. Your strategy is doomed to fail because you don’t - but that’s ok! In this practical talk, Katie will share real-world stories and tips about how to jump-start trust building and be the right kind of vulnerable. You’ll learn how to avoid the dreaded “Manger Gameface”, and become the confident, authentic and professional leader that your team can rely on.


Katie Womersley

September 21, 2018