[RailsConf 2019] Troubleshoot Your RoR Microservices with Distributed Tracing

[RailsConf 2019] Troubleshoot Your RoR Microservices with Distributed Tracing

In microservices architecture, it is often challenging to understand interaction and dependencies between individual components involved in an end-user request. Distributed tracing is a technique to improve observability of such microservices behaviors and to help understand performance bottlenecks, to investigate cascaded failures, or in general, to troubleshoot.

In this talk, I will show how we’ve implemented distributed tracing in Rails apps using OpenCensus, a set of vendor-neutral libraries to collect and export metrics and traces, and real world examples from our system that consists of about 100 microservices built with Ruby, Go, Python, Node and Rust.

If you feel pain in troubleshooting microservices of Rails, you’ll love distributed tracing.


Yoshinori Kawasaki

May 02, 2019