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Nail Your Presentation: PechaKucha x 3-Minute Thesis

Nail Your Presentation: PechaKucha x 3-Minute Thesis

Slides used for a sharing session with Universiti Malaysia Sabah's ANSOS postgraduate students.

Chuah Kee Man

October 21, 2021

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  1. PechaKucha x 3MT A sharing by Chuah Kee Man FSSK

    ANSOS POSTGRADUATE TALK SERIES Universiti Malaysia Sarawak 2021 | www.chuahkeeman.com
  2. Mechanics content structure, sequencing, language, requirements Dynamics story, values, significance,

    confidence Aesthetics Visuals, layouts, look and feel 2021 | www.chuahkeeman.com (Chuah, 2020)
  3. • 20x20 format. Slides contain 20 chosen images, each set

    for 20 seconds. (6 mins 40 secs) • Can be casual and formal • No animations on slides. • No other media contents (e.g. videos, audios) or props allowed. • Only 1 static slide is allowed, no transition, no animations. • Presentations are limited to 3 minutes maximum. • Formal • No other media contents (e.g. videos, audios) or props allowed. • No poems, raps, songs. 2021 | www.chuahkeeman.com
  4. • Compelling story telling • Connect to the bigger picture

    • Clarity in highlighting significance/value or major contributions • Concise explanation with minimal jargons • Confident stage presence (eye contact, vocal range, pacing/pausing) 2021 | www.chuahkeeman.com
  5. 2021 | www.chuahkeeman.com Visuals should enhance clarity not taking over

    your role Texts are only given to highlight key points Consistent look and feel (san-serif fonts, reasonable font size, appropriate background) Avoid fancy transitions or exaggerated animations. Don’t forget to include page numbers