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Sown to Grow: Tap Into the Power of Peer Assessment

Sown to Grow: Tap Into the Power of Peer Assessment

Workshop conducted for Centre for Pre-University Studies on 9 October 2020.

Chuah Kee Man

October 09, 2020

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  1. 2 2 • The facts and myths about peer assessment

    • Evidences from past research www.chuahkeeman.com • Strategies to maximise the potentials of peer assessment • Tools to facilitate the implementation peer assessment • Problems in peer assessment • Diverting pain points to gain points

    Teaching, More Feedback www.chuahkeeman.com
  3. 5 Educators who claimed to use peer assessment for formative

    purposes actually used them for summative intention (ArchMiller, 2017; Song et al., 2016) Evidences from past research show significant positive effect of peer assessment on academic performance especially in tertiary settings (Double et al., 2020; www.chuahkeeman.com
  4. 6 A meta-analysis of peer assessment research shows anonymity disrupts

    collaboration and more studies indicate little benefit of anonymity (Strijbos & Wichmann 2018). Rubrics serve as a “scaffolding” measure to assist students in assessing/evaluating their peers. Peer assessment has also been shown to be more accurate when rubrics are utilized (Panadero et al., 2013; Peter et al., 2018) www.chuahkeeman.com
  5. 8 www.chuahkeeman.com Criterion-referenced with or without descriptors. There are a

    set of criteria to follow (e.g. Rubrics, checklist ) Students talk to each other based on a set of questions (dialogue scheme/protocol) and report the outcomes. Reflective type – students write their feedback/report about their peers based on certain focus areas. An overall ranking or rating mechanism (norm- referenced) without criteria set. Students are ranked/rated in comparison with their peers.
  6. 9 Grading/Scoring Fairness/Objectivity Peer Dialogues Written Feedback Fairness/Objectivity Fairness/Objectivity Global

    Ranking Fairness/Objectivity Meaningfulness Meaningfulness Meaningfulness Meaningfulness Ease of Use/Implement Ease of Use/Implement Ease of Use/Implement Ease of Use/Implement www.chuahkeeman.com
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