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Practical Backbone Patterns

Practical Backbone Patterns

In this presentation, I cover a few of the things that I find myself doing over and over again in any Backbone code that I work with.

There are a couple of points I want to stress:

- Sometimes you may not even need a Javascript framework. Maybe just use Javascript and see how far you get without it!

- Lots of small classes that are easily testable make for fun programming

- Avoid single page apps unless you have a good reason too. Can you really justify it? Do your customers care? Zendesk is a good example of a single page app. Its the kind of thing you have open all day. Great use.

- Think about passing a template as an option to the class your building. What if you were responsible for the UI - not it. (check out the autocompletor link below)

- If you need to attach existing behaviour to a page with a Backbone View - checkout the ProxyView (check the link below)

Here are the links to the code I open sourced along with this presentation:


The presentation git repo is here:



Keith Pitt

March 13, 2013

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  1. Practical PATTERNS @keithpitt

  2. that I think you may also find useful but I’m

    probably wrong so yeah. I also don’t like the word pattern but couldn’t think of anything else. Also don’t throw things at me because I’m new and nervous. @keithpitt Shit that seems to work for me when I do
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  4. Desktoppr.co

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  9. “Backbone App”

  10. Use it as a tool to achieve a certain UI

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  12. Everything is about Testing.

  13. Single Page Apps #1


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  16. File Structure #2

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  19. The Proxy View #3

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  27. template as an option #4

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  30. Bootstrapping Data #5

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  32. Don’t use Backbone #6

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  36. Page Mediator #7

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